Zora 1

Zoras are a species of fish-like humanoids that live in The Forest of No Return. They are normally a peaceful people, but fight ferociously when threatened. They require cool, moist environments, with lots of water to swim in. It is believed that when enough Zoras populate a body of water, the water becomes more pure and can bring a natual sense of peace to anyone in it.

Male Zoras are distinguished slightly from the females. The males, (Right), are very good at stealth and physical activities, including the main Zora sport, diving; The females lack the dolphin-like head tails, and have an extra set of eyes on their wedge-shaped heads. Other features are gills, arm fins, and webbed feet.

Zora guards typically are the strongest Zoras and wear fish-shaped helmets, using spears for battle.

Zoras that are appointed as Kings usually eat a lot, leading to a massive size.

Zoras are among the greatest swimmers, and no human can beat them.