Zora's domain

The domain's main chamber

Zora's Domain is a place in The Forest of No Return. It is connected to one of the Forest's largest lakes, Lake Hylia, by Zora's river, a long river that flows west. The Zoras are a fish-like humanoid people that are generally peaceful.

However, the Zora's soon-to-be-ruler, Prince Ralis, has suffered from extreme dehydration from venturing too close to the desert to the north. Since then, The king has left and Queen Ruleta has disappeared, leaving the Zora elder to lead the people through the conflict. The Zora healers have been unable to help Ralis, and has been dying.

But recently, Blair has been spotted by Zora exile Draphi. Blair was allowed entrance and has successfully healed Prince Ralis. The Zora people have since been calmed and their waters have returned to full purity.... whoever swims in the main pools feels a calming sensation. If one was lucky enough to enter the Royal chambers, the waters there can heal wounds.

Violence is not tolerated within the domain. The guards will exile anyone who resorts to violence.

Main gate: The main gate is the primary way to enter the Domain. Usually, only Zoras are actually allowed inside, unless the person trying to get in has a special pass.

Main Chamber: The Zora main chamber is the largest area in the Domain. It is where most of the Zoras spend most of their time daily. It has a massive pool, and six levels around the edge. The second level has the ZORA BAR, and the fourth level leads to the ZORA AUDITORIUM. The Royal chambers lead to the healing chambers.