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Xenomorph prime

Xenomorph Prime (or also known as A6 454 by the UCR) is the home world of the Xenomorph species along with serveral other alien species. Xenomorph Prime is at least the size of the Earth and has three major continets and a small ocean. The hive area of the planet is full of Xenomorphs, and most of the landscape is covered in hive webbing, despite some deserts, mountains, oceans, and some other lanscape features free of webbing. There are multiple Xenomorphs hives that support one another to keep the planet under their control. Prime is a rather quiet world unless disturbed, and all Xenomorph inhabitants will attack the intruders immediarely to protect their planet. Predators rarely go there as some Yautja have gone before and have never been seen again. Although Xenomorphs are the dominant species of the planet, there are several semisentient species on the planet which are just as dangerous, if not more so

Wild Life

Flying Scorpion: A large bat winged scorpion whose venom is strong enough to kill a predator within minutes. When a facehugger latches onto it, a flying Alien is made.

Darphojin: A raptor-like reptile that has the ability to create a pheromone that can make an Alien think it is one of its own. Predators have also been known to ride them like horses

Dilagon: A large worm like creature that lives in the desert part of the planet.

Herbivore: A massive aquatic reptile that lives in the oceans. Though it is harmless, it can easily kill anything if it is attacked at first

Xenomorphs: The deadliest sentient species in the galaxy. Xenomorph types know to live here are:

  • Facehuggers
  • Flying Xenomorphs
  • Queens
  • Queen mothers
  • Spider Alien
  • Xenomorphs ( Drones, Warriors, Praetorians )

The Xenomorphs on the planet have been known to spread to different neighboring worlds, and many Xenomorphs, ranging from small Facehugger to even Queens, are kidnapped and taken off-world by scientists.


Xenomorph Prime is home to the Queen Mother, the supreme ruler of the Xenomorph Hive, who is considered to be one of the strongest creatures in the galaxy. She gives birth to Queen Facehugger which later become Queen to rule smaller hives. If the current Queen Mother dies other Queen will try to become her and if there is more than one Queen Mother at a time they will fight.


When the War began, a few groups of NDE troopers were sent there to collect some specimens. They soon lost contact, and the NDE haven't sent any more troops since.