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As you all know, I am deploying at the end of Febuary. So, with that being that I will not be on till late November at the latest. I am placing a few key pages of mine on lockdown as I wil not be here to RP with them nor protect them from stupid shit. Also, I am highlighting a few key things that will (hopefully) happen while i am gone. First and foremost, Corneria. Corneria is by all rights, Exon property now and they can have what ever is left of that civilization. I wanna stick to small time factions and characters anyways. A big faction was just a bad idea. Also, regarding the Midieval Universe. When that finally sets off. I will now make it public that I will be creating  a Witcher school in the North Eastern part of the world map. Alien and I have already discussed the details and just in case this sets off while I am gone, I want to make it public that that sliver of map is mine and until I get back, I dont know....treat it as uncharted territory and no one goes there through fear of the Witcher school? Anywho, the following characters and pages are now lockdowned and not functioning in verse until I get back form deployment. Expect NOvember 30th at the latest but for safe measure, they are not taken off lockdown until I personally say so. The characters on lockdown are as follows:

  • Fox McCloud
  • Galen Marek
  • Geralt, The White Wolf
  • Roku and his family
  • Brendon
  • Siegfried 

Just like when I left for basic, these characters are not active and would be appreciated if they were not harmed while i am gone. After all, its a bit fucked up to fuck with my shit while I am in the middle east. I will still try to be on as much as I can before I leave but I will say it now. Farewell and hope I come back in one piece as I do not know if I will stay in my duty station or advance across the border. Until next time