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So you've come to my profile page... but why? Why would you do that?

There's nothing to see here anymore, I haven't done this stuff in years.

Were you looking for reminders of the past? Seeing what once was? Use the history page for that.

Curious to see if I'm still alive? Surprisingly I still am, despite everything life's thrown at me.

Am I happy though? If you ever knew me, you'd know better than to ask. Things were always shit, and they still are. The only difference is that they've gotten worse.

I've been in a long-term funk that I'm too stubborn to admit is depression. I've started to have random panic attacks without provocation.

The ironic part is that my probably-depression led me to be in the right place one day to stop someone from killing themselves. My unhappiness and misery continues to benefit others it seems.

You know, I should feel happy and prideful of actually fucking accomplishing something for once in my life. It isn't often that my presence is something beneficial to others. But...

I just don't even care anymore. I'm just sitting here waiting for the day when things get even worse. Waiting for the day where I wind up having to sleep outside homeless.

If, for some misguided or stupid reason, you wish to contact me, my Discord is Sgt D Grif#8262. I look at it pretty much daily, far more often than I check Wikia.

One day, I'll just fall of the face of the Earth. People may ask "What happened to Sgt D Grif?" "What happened to Brian?" The answer will probably be that I went homeless, and then dropped dead from exposure.

That day hasn't come yet. At least, not when I wrote this. Might have come by the time you're reading this, who knows how long this message will have been up by then. Could be a few months, could be a few years, who knows?

It is 3:37 AM (EST) on December 1st, 2018. If there's any sort of higher power in this universe: I'm still here. You haven't finished me off yet. I may be dead inside, but I haven't given up yet.