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Milky Way Colonies

  • Atalla System
    • Eden - First planet colonized by the UCR in 2556. Serves as the UCR's regional capital in the Milky Way and as a primary launch point for colonization fleets. A number of Jiralhanae who fled from the chaos that plagued the former Covenant territories post Human-Covenant war migrated to Eden.
      • Saint Mitchell - Eden's only habitable moon. Home of Port Saint Mitchell, the largest UCR military installation in the Atalla system.
  • Vigil System
    • Wellow - One of the earliest UCR colonies founded towards the end of the 2550s. The planet is also the site of the UCR's Transgalactic Passageway which connects to the Andromeda Galaxy, and as a result hosts a large military presence. Wellow is also home to a large amount Sangheili who migrated to the planet.
    • Vigil VI: A large superterra with a thin atmosphere, it's valued for it's metal rich crust. The surface is dotted by domed cities.
  • Anat System
    • Osea - The only terrestrial planet in the Anat System. Was one of the three UCR colonies glassed in the 2576 UCR-UEG War. The planet is also the homeworld of sapient synthetic lifeforms, who coexist peacefully with the UCR inhabitants.
  • Ocrillon System
    • Cyrian moons
      • Aurelia - Cyria's sole habitable moon, Aurelia is one of the UCR's crown jewels. The moon is home to many mining companies that extract valuable minerals from the dozens of resource rich moons of Cyria, and is a frequent refueling point for ships thanks to gas extracted from the gas giant. Aurelia is also renown for it's universities. In 2588 former Circe Unit member Ksee Yaral opened a sea food restaurant on Aurelia.
  • Elara System
    • Olofat: The former capital world of the now defunct Orb Union.
    • Westergård: One of the five former worlds of the Orb Union, Westergård was ruled by one of the five royal families. It was also the center of Orb's education and research of Enhanced individuals.
    • Varlo
    • Zapal
    • Ardes
  • Unspecified Systems
    • Erusea
    • Gebet
    • Kaluga: Site of a large battle between the UCR military and UNSC during the UCR-UEG War, Kaluga's cities were heavily damaged in the fighting. Most of the cities were reconstructed towards the end of the 2580s.
    • Nordennavic
    • Nordland
    • Sapin
    • San Salvacion: First planet attacked by the UNSC during the UCR-UEG war, resulting in a partial glassing of the surface.
    • Usea
    • Ugelles
    • Verusa
    • Demeter
    • Harmony
    • Kothar
    • Alvalonia
    • New Iraptrus
    • Tulkas
    • Cizo
    • Adonis
    • Samea
    • Londelion
    • Acrax
    • Viltri
    • Valbara
    • Alkonost
    • Azura (Founded in 2585)
    • Comberth (Founded in 2586): First colony established in advanced by the automated colony construction ship PCV-001 and home to an initial population of 8,000 colonists.
    • Selene (Founded in 2586)
    • Empyrea (Founded in 2586)
    • Elyse (Founded in 2586)
    • Rebus (Founded in 2586)
    • Shangris (Founded in 2586)
    • Lucent (Founded in 2587)
    • New Andor (Founded in 2587)
    • Ariel (Founded in 2587)
    • Ezra (Founded in 2587)
    • Ita (Founded in 2587)
    • Achon (Founded in 2588)
    • Atharva (Founded in 2588)
    • Mara (Founded in 2588)
    • Tarli (Founded in 2588)
    • Velle (Founded in 2589)
    • Stygia (Founded in 2589)
    • Kurgen (Founded in 2589)
    • Malbourg (Founded in 2589)
    • New Norwich (Founded in 2589)
    • Lyantor (Founded in 2589)

Andromeda Galaxy Colonies


Brisingr Globular Cluster Colonies



Main article: UCR Armed Forces

A formation of UCR Aerospace Forces ships

The UCR Armed Forces is the primary federal military organization of the UCR, tasked with the defense of territories and citizens of the UCR against hostile threats such as pirates, internal dissidents, and foreign powers, as well as the defense of allied nations and offer support for humanitarian operations. The UCR military was originally comprised of four branches (Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Territorial Army), however following a reorganization in the aftermath of the 2576 UCR-UEG war was changed to two: The Aerospace Force, which took on the responsibilities of the navy and air force, while the Marines expanded. Recently a third branch has been added, the Systems Patrol and Customs Agency, which act as a equivalent organization to the UNSC's Coast Guard. The UCR Armed Forces, in addition to conventional forces, also make use of Magic, primarily among their special operations troops and the Hospitaller Corps, a force of non-combat personnel specializing in healing magic who are deployed behind friendly lines to treat wounded troops and to hotspots of disasters to provide care to civilians.

The Armed Forces are augmented by the defense forces created by local governments across their territories, which are granted funding by the main government to maintain their forces to that of the federal standard. While mainly consisting of ground forces and aircraft, development in the late 2580s have started to include some spaceborne assets separate from the Aerospace forces.

Foreign Relations