Shukaku's Eye

The Sand Deity's Hand Emblem

The Sand Deity's Hand is a group of people in the Eternal Desert that serve the Deity of the region. It seems that their only purpose is to serve the Deity that put them in that region forever. While each member has their own attributes, purpose, and region of control, each is there to make sure those that enter are there under business of the Sand Deity, and that those sent there for eternal punishment never escape the endless sands. The members are, in order of rank and power, listed below:

  • Gaara- The leader of the Sand Deity's Hand; second only to The Deity itself, he commands every single grain of sand in the eternal region. He tests and punishes those who exelled in Combat during their lifetime.
  • Ia- Ia is the "Second in Command" of the group. During the group's fighting, he lead three of the members against Gaara, believing that a team would gain them victory. He was unsuccessful, and is now the 3rd highest ranked member of the group. He is cold, cruel, and harsh in his punishments, often leaving those under his punishment few chances of mercy. He tests and punishes those who's intelligence and leadership qualities were great on Earth.
  • Dwr- She is a calm member of the group, though is ferocious in her own right. She is fluid, slippery, and untrustworthy. She has command over the element of Water, which is difficult to use in her environment of The Eternal Desert. She tests and punishes those who used Deception to get their way in the physical world.
  • 'Tan- Tan is the commander of Fire. He is hot-headed, brutal, and a very powerful individual. He often rushes into action without thinking, leading to his lower rank. He wields the Eternal Desert's heat without Mercy, forcing all in the Eternal Desert to take shelter from the sun, lest they suffer from his power. He tests and punishes those who gave no mercy to those that stood in their way during their time In the material Dimension.
  • 'Ynni- Ynni is a skilled fighter. She utilizes a large array of Bows during combat, and fuses her arrows with purple energy. Her shots are always dead-eye accurate, never missing their targets. Of all the other members, she is the one who dislikes her purpose in The Eternal Desert the most. Ynni is somewhat merciful... she was a kindred soul in her time on Earth, and still retains her kind heart even in the Harsh environment of The Eternal Desert and under the persecution of the other members of The Sand Deity's Hand. She tests and punishes those who made it their duty to preserve life, no matter what it cost, in their short opportunity of living.