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The Salem Circle, also known as the Covern of Lost Izalith, is an association of twelve representatives of powerful and long standing families within the magical community. The members of this inner circle can date back their legacy to the original founders of The Lost Izalith Academy of Witchcraft, the mages who assisted Salem in the spreading of the knowledge of magic and helped form key branches of magic.

The inner circle have played vital roles within the magical community for generations, when Salem Mercury went into her spirtiual sleep after the Maribund War it was they who kept the school running and spread the basic knowledge of magic to the masses and eventually to the Primeverse. Using their vast estates and funds they have kept the magical community afloat and with their passed on knowledge have lead to new breakthroughs. Though Salem Mercury lay the groundwork for magic it could be said it was the Circle that truly made it into what it is known as today.

Current Members and Families

Salem Mercury

Known as the mother of magic, Salem was the first to ever tap into the energy now known as magic and paved the way for all mages throughout history. A member of the legendary Six Heroes, Salem is held in high regard not only within the magical community but all of Skyverse. This along with her incredible power and mastery of all magic places her at the head of the Circle as its original founder.

Gerhard Zoldritch III

Tokiomi Tohsaka

Zouken Makiri

Alphonse Schwert

Irisviel von Einzbern

Kyrin za Arna

Kyrin za Arna is the descendant of Arna the steel magus. She and her family has possesses the ability to manipulate metals along with the knowledge and mastery to fully utilize the magic's potential. Kyrin can make weapons and armor of unrivaled nature bar the divine despite her relatively young age.