The Tale of the Three Guardian Monsters of Old is an ancient Legend that has existed in Japan for ages past, passed down even in the Skyverse period within Hokkaido. The tale depicts of a crisis of where a great monster was created by the ressurection of a massive amount of disturbed souls that died in a great war. This creature sought to bring nothing but a torrent of destruction... until three monsters of legend arose and protected the land, defeating the Demonic creature. Below are the three Monsters of Ancient:

Baragon: Guardian of the Earth


Baragon was shown in the tales to be a small, red-skinned creature that confused the enemy by Burrowing beneath the Earth.

Mothra GMK


Mothra: Guardian of the Sea

Mothra was depicted as a giant insect, coccooning herself before transforming into her more powerful, winged form. She had the ability to attack swifter than the other guardians, leaving behind a poisonous sting.


King Ghidorah

Guardian of the Sky

Ghidora was described as an Eight-headed Dragon that flew through the sky, attacking the enemy from

above. It's Golden scales protected it from the blows of the Demon.

Below is the information given on the Destroyer:

This creature traverssed by both land and water. It breathed forth Fire that burned the land with a furious might, it's gargantuan size and monstrous roar striking fear in the hearts of others, mercilessly taking the lives of thousands. It is said that with every person that died, this creature gained strength, as if absorbing the souls of those it destroyed.