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The Fall Angel




Stealth Attack Aviation Cruiser


  • Planetary Assault/Defense
  • Fleet Attack/Defense


  • 1.7 Kilometers (Ship mode)
  • 521 Meters wide
  • 1,186 Meter (Storm Attack)

Power Source

Heat pile cluster system


Thermonuclear reaction engine matrix



  • Fold Drive Mk.III
  • Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine


No information




3 meters ECA




The Fallen Angel (TFA) was a huge battle ship owned by A.L.I.E.N.


After assisting the UNSC in taking out the CMF ships during First Fall, A.L.I.E.N. was granted access to a Mars ship yard. Much of the components were imported from the UCR's OTECH company.

The first proper use of TFA was against Exon ships, it helped aide the UNSC in destroying them. TFA later assisted the UNSC with the attack on San Salvacion and managed to take down the bulk of the enemy fighters with its own. Later the Fallen Angel helped its brother ship the Archangel in the defense of Earth where it helped take fire for the ship while it destroyed enemy cruisers.

The Fallen Angel was transferred from ALIEN to the UNSC Navy since ALIEN no longer required it.

After several months of crew training, the TFA is underway with testing a UEG originated fold drive and weapons. Of May 2582 it is tasked with attacking pirates; it has also periodically dry tested its weapons against passing NUNS ships.

Main Machinary 

OTM Macross heat pile cluster system; OTEC/Shinnakasu/General Galaxy advanced fold system cluster; OTEC/Centinental impulse drive cluster; Shinnakasu Industry Agar nuclear pulse rocket cluster (sub-thruster); OTEC gravity control system; Gunship Fold System.


1 x Gunship Advance Type Macross Cannon (mounted forward ventral hull in Carrier mode, starboard manipulator in Attack mode); when energy is supplied from the main body in Storm-attack mode, maximum output and re-fire rate improves. Minimum of two shots to take out a ship. 

12 x guided anti-ship heavy beam cannon turrets (6 mounted port/starboard amidships, shoulders in Attack mode; 4 mounted around bridge, upper torso in Attack mode, 2 mounted ?)

many x close-in beam phalanx

many x anti-ship reaction-warhead missile launchers

many x micro-missile phalanx for close-in defense 

The TFA is also able to shift into attack mode giving it more shield strength but making it a bigger target        

Ghost Fighters

A Ghost Fighter

The Fallen Angel has many VI controlled Ghost Fighters aboard, these are used to swarm enemie ships and take out there main weaponry. GF's are equipped with a singular Pod Cannon mounted on the front and has many missles stocked on its back