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Roku (Toshi) is a Saiyan hero, warrior, and martial artist, widely known as the "Hero of Paradisus." The only son of Tyber, the famed "Fist of the North Star," Roku grew to be an accomplished fighter on his own after the disappearance of his parents. He became skilled and powerful enough to compete in the Zen System's Cosmic Tournament, always making the top five and even winning the tournament twice. Roku eventually became interested in the legend of the Super Saiyan, training at the Zen Temple in an effort to understand the lost form. He became married to Emi, a Saiyan who worked at a local Ramen Shop, and the two created a daughter, Violet. Roku noticed Violet's interest in fighting, and so raised her to be a martial artist like him. However, during her first time competing at the Cosmic Tournament, she was attacked by a rampant opponent that nearly killed her and desired to wipe out the rest of the Saiyans on Paradisus. This caused Roku to enter a purely destructive rage, and he instinctively transformed into a Super Saiyan, killing the contestant. The transformation immediately made Roku famous across the entire Zen System, as he was the first to access the form in thousands of years. Soon, he became involved in a rapid series of conflicts surrounding the Zen System, including the return of King Cold's Army in two attempted invasions of the Zen System.


Early Life[]

Roku was born on his home planet to 2 Saiyans, but they died when Roku was 16, he then met his would be wife, Emi when he was 17, she was working at a ramen shop and they have been together ever since. They have a child named Violet. Roku normally fights  in the Cosmic tournament to provide for his family and of course to satisfy his taste for fighting. Roku has won the tournament twice and was runner up 4 times. He has been in the top 5 everytime he has entered.

The Legendary Warrior Awoken![]

During the 75th World Tournament, Roku was watching his daughter fight her first match. Everything was going well until her opponent decided to reveal his dark agenda, his plan to kill all Saiyans and continue with the rest of the Zen System. He proceeded to beat Violet to near death with no mercy until the King tried to send guards to intervene. Only for them to die. After which, the enemy known as Brisk decided to continue beating Violet until Roku dashed out and intervened. As Violet laid in Rokus arms, unconscious. Something in him snapped. He lost control of his anger and grief over not being able to protect his beloved daughter and let loose. In a fit of rage and a deep need to protect not only his daughter, but everyone in the arena, he transformed into a Super Saiyan. Not many words were exchanged and the fight was quick as Brisk was no match for the Super Saiyan. Roku quickly dispatched Brisk and came back to his wife and the King comforting the now concisous Violet. Seeing this calmed Roku down and he was able to competely control his new power. Roku is the first Super Saiyan in over 2,000 years. He has begun further training his daughter to not only master Super Saiyan, but to fully understand how he obtained it and hopefully try and teach his daughter to transform. If not at the very least, improve her strength so that she can reach new heights and be able to fight as he does.

The Siege of Paradisus[]

Shortly after Roku unlocked the Super Saiyan form, the Zen System came under siege by a space fleet of the returning Frost Empire. King Cold, bent on revenge for the Saiyan's revolt hundreds of years prior, sent his youngest prince Voros to conquer the planets of the Zen System Alliance; especially confident that the Saiyans would be unable to stop him since the Saiyans presumably lost their ability to go Super. Voros managed to convince the three Saiyans of the Infinity Patrol to command his army against the Zen System in return for decreased casualties and destruction.

At first, the invading force won many battles, and came close to conquer the Zen System. However, Roku was called upon to help fight the invasion force, and once he did the enemy force had great difficulty in continuing their campaign, losing engagement after engagement, especially due to Roku's use of the Super Saiyan form.

On Tamaran, Roku directly encountered the Infinity Patrol and faced one of their members, Calor, in direct combat. Calor was overconfident in his own strength and training, believing himself powerful enough to defeat Roku even during his Super Saiyan transformation; urging Roku to use the higher form, going so far as to mercilessly destroy a small town and slaughter innocent civilians to force Roku's transformation. Roku proved him wrong, breaking Calor's arm during his furious retaliation for the careless, needless murder. The Infinity Patrol retreated after this, though shortly after Roku returned to Paradisus, Tamaran was invaded again and conquered in Roku's absence.

Roku participated in the final invasion attempt on Paradisus itself. He joined the Saiyan army in defense against the main invasion force, facing Calor in vicious battle once more. Calor once more viciously attacked his enemies, this time fellow Saiyans, to provoke Roku's anger in a second fight against the Super Saiyan form, believing himself strong enough to counter it. This turned out to be his undoing, as Roku decided Calor was too dangerous to spare; physically beating Calor to the point of permanent injury and inability to ever battle again, Roku then unleashed his wrath upon Calor, blasting a hole through his torso and slaying him.

Seeing the loss of the battle, the invasion commander Ruba made a last resort effort to achieve the objective of capturing King Tarbas by becoming a Great Ape. Roku assisted ten Special Operation Saiyans in keeping the Great Ape held back, and removed his tail to force him back to normal and defeated him. Roku later accompanied Ruba to Voros' flagship in an effort to retrieve the last Infinity Patrol member, Satiba.

When they arrived in Voros' throne room, Roku helped Ruba battle his personal guard, and witnessed Ruba's subsequent execution by Voros' hand for his betrayal. This execution caused Satiba to fly into a rage, joining Roku against Voros in a devastating fight that completely destroyed his ship. The two used a combined energy attack on him, believing to obliterate his body, and returned to Paradisus.

Upon their return, Roku and Satiba were instructed to come before King Tarbas. The King granted Ruba's last wish, having his family honor restored and sparing Satiba of any harsh punishment for his participation in the invasion, though solely granted this part of Ruba's wish due to Roku's revelation that he had helped take out Voros. The King would not allow Satiba off completely free; the young Saiyan would have to prove his worth by starting all over in the Saiyan Patrol training and earn his place back into Saiyan society. This was a decree that Satiba accepted, and after their departure from the Palace, Roku convinced Satiba to come and train at the Zen Temple with him and Violet.

The Namekian[]

One month after the end of the Siege of Paradisus, the first manned Saiyan research team traveled to Gathuru to gather scientific information. The team was shocked to discover a lone Namekian in one of the forests. The Namekian was immediately hostile, incapacitating the security guards and kidnapping the researchers. The Namekian identified himself as Obo, the last of the Namekians, and left a message for the guards, which was passed on to Paradisus straight to King Tarbas: atone for the Saiyan's refusal to stop the takeover of Namek, or the research team would die the next day. At once, Roku was contacted due to his status as a hero, and he agreed to help solve the situation.

Taking Satiba with him as part of a "supervised test," Roku traveled to Gathuru to speak to Obo. Questioning him about his past, Roku came to learn that the Namekian apparently lost everything, including his family, when King Cold's army invaded and took over his home world years ago. Roku also learned that he was kept as a trophy aboard one of their ships, realizing that this was the Namekian he and Ruba encountered aboard Voros' ship in the prison cells. Roku tried to calm him down and correct the claims that the Saiyans did nothing to help, informing him that some Namekians managed to flee and escape to Paradisus where they were treated with care and protection. Obo refused to hear him, however, and quickly grew aggressive, stating that the research team's time was nearly up and that the King must admit to his failure if the research team was to be spared. Roku reluctantly attacked Obo in order to separate him from the research team, and after instructing Satiba to lead them to safety, engaged the Namekian in battle.

Shortly after, Satiba joined in the fight, informing Roku he was having the research team coordinate with Paradisus to try to find any Namekian refugees to prove Roku's word to Obo. As the two battled Obo, Roku realized the Namekian was a very powerful warrior, and greatly determined, though internally distraught and void due to his past and emotional trauma. However, the fight came to a halt when the research team declared they got word back from Paradisus. Deciding to have some manners, Obo paused the battle and gave them one chance to speak before he would kill all of the Saiyans present. He was quite surprised to hear that not only had several refugees been directly identified on Paradisus, they also located his son, whom Obo was convinced had died on Namek during King Cold's attack. At once, Obo demanded to speak to his son; upon being presented with the live image of his child via holo-vid, Obo broke down and made sure his son was safe and happy where he was on Paradisus, apparently learning he was doing well in a school with the Saiyans.

After this brief moment of contact, Obo immediately surrendered himself to the Saiyans without any further combat or protest, specifically requesting he be arrested for his actions. This was surprising to Roku and Satiba, who escorted him back to Paradisus to be tried for his crimes. Though Roku was sad to see such a great warrior and passionate father be put in prison upon being found guilty, Obo shrugged off the concern, admitting he had earned his place by his actions, much less noble than those of the Saiyans, understanding and accepting that Paradisus gave help to his people after all. Following this, Roku returned to the Zen Temple, telling his wife and daughter of the events that happened.


Roku is normally relaxed and carefree around his family, but is stern and serious around others and exspecially during battle as well as training. He is a Martial Artist, and often fights in the tournament every year to provide for his family. He loves to train and has been training his daughter, Violet as well. She is the light of Rokus world and he cares very much about her. Roku is always a carefree person but always keeps his Saiyan Pride. A trait that everyone Saiyan holds.


Roku has a fairly average appearance for a Saiyan. He stands 5'9", with fair skin of a muscular tone and spiky black hair worn in one of several traditional styles. While seen wearing a number of different outfits and clothing, he is widely known for wearing the characteristic Zen Temple's orange Dōgi (道着 lit. "clothes of the way" or "martial arts uniform"), with a blue shirt underneath accentuated with blue wristbands, boots, and an Obi around the waist.

When accessing the Super Saiyan form, Roku's appearance alters significantly; his musculature increases, his skin tone becomes brighter, his hair takes a glowing golden-blonde color and stands up, and his eyes change to a bright blue-green. An additional visual affect accompanies the transformation in the form of a golden aura surrounding Roku.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a Saiyan, Roku has a great degree of physical strength and endurance, breakneck speed, and powerful energy projection abilities. However, due to his extensive training and the fact that he is the first Super Saiyan in modern times, he is one of, if not the single most powerful Saiyan known to the Zen System. This is exemplified by his status as a Hero, making him very popular and seen as something of a legend.


  • Super Strength: Roku is capable of lifting a dozen times his own weight, and is easily capable of lifting vehicles, smashing through hard structures, and create small craters in battle through physical attacks alone. This strength, while average on Paradisus due to its gravity being 10 times that of Earthlike planets, shows off in environments with weaker gravity, allowing him to clear huge distances and heights with a single bound or demolish structures with ease.
  • Super Speed: Roku can quickly evade melee attacks and dash around his opponents to confuse them in a fight. His speed is enough to allow him to dodge projectiles or energy blasts of almost any nature, perform a quick dash to close the distance with enemies within a second, and perform a barraging series of super-fast melee strikes or energy attacks. In battle with standard 'grunt' opponents, Roku typically dashes around his enemies or moves aside from attacks quickly enough that it looks too easy for him to evade the attacks.
  • Super Durability: Roku shows the reputed Saiyan ability of brushing through most attacks that would normally obliterate humans or other weaker alien races. He has resisted some incredibly devastating attacks, from having a massive stone slab dropped on him to being flung through several decks of a space craft, emerging from both attacks without skipping a beat in a fight.
  • Super Agility: Roku is an accomplished aerial combatant, able to fight off the ground as easily as on it. His flight capabilities are well practiced and almost second nature to him, and his evasion and maneuverability in the air makes him nearly impossible for even moderate enemies to hit him.
  • Super Endurance: Like any Saiyan, Roku demonstrates the ability to last in incredibly long periods of time that are physically demanding, despite not being considered a physically outstanding Saiyan. He can get up after much physical punishment, continue fighting after sustaining injuries, and push through even the toughest of situations for a considerably long duration. Roku is notable for being able to continuously fight for a period of at least 24 hours without so much as a minute break anywhere within that fight, and still have some energy left over to keep going afterward.
  • Super Stamina: Tying in with his endurance, Roku's stamina allows him to keep going through long fights and push himself to incredible limits, far beyond what even regular Saiyans have shown.
  • Super Regeneration: While Roku's body is considered quite unbreakable compared to weaker creatures, should he sustain any damage he possesses a capable healing and regenerative factor that allows him to quickly recover with just a short rest. The more serious the injury, the longer he has to rest; however, even grueling injuries require little attention, and his healing is boosted with the consumption of food.

Energy Manipulation[]

Through the common practice of Ki Mastery known to all Saiyans, Roku has access to an extraordinary amount of energy abilities. He is considered one of the most powerful Saiyans of his time, especially given his status as a Super Saiyan, which will greatly enhance his powers while in this transformation.

  • Aura Generation: By concentrating his Ki, Roku generates a thin aura of energy as a protective barrier. Comparable to an artificial energy shield, the aura can absorb, cancel, deflect, or reflect physical and energy attacks, though sufficient damage can break through it and energy absorbing can drain it.
  • Physical Enhancement: Ki concentration can also allow Roku to increase his physical abilities to a limited degree, though this drains his energy as he does so.
  • Flight: Roku can use small amounts of energy to easily allow himself levitation and flight through a planetary atmosphere or the vacuum of space.
  • Ki Blast: Roku can also collect Ki for an outer energy attack in many different forms, shaping them into spheres, bolts, beams or other forms according to his will and imagination. The more energy gathered, the stronger the attack.
  • Ki Explosion: Roku can collect a large amount of energy and generate a blast all around his body to dispatch threats coming from all directions.


Super Saiyan[]

The mythological "Super" form of the Saiyan's power. The Super Saiyan transformation was once used by legendary warriors long ago, but the power has been lost to the race for a great deal of time. Roku is the first to unlock and perfect the form in over a thousand years. The Super Saiyan form significantly enhances a user's base capabilities in all categories, including physicality and energy powers. Though an exact value has yet to be determined, multiple attempts to analyze the level of enhancements achieved during the Super Saiyan's form range from 10-50 times as powerful as Roku's base form; this is difficult to quantify based on the varied emotional states Roku might be in that can affect the transformation, as well as the information overload on standard Saiyan scouters causing the devices to malfunction, give multiple fluctuating calculations, and destroy themselves before they can give an accurate reading.

While Super Saiyan, Roku attains the characteristic traits associated with the form; straighter golden hair, blue eyes, toned physique, and a golden aura.

Great Ape[]

Like any other Saiyan that has their tail intact, Roku has the ability to undergo the transformation into the fearsome Great Ape. Doing so requires the absorption of Bultz Waves into his body, which can be acquired by exposure to moonlight or artificial Bultz Waves produced by an Energy Ball during daytime. However, he almost never uses this form due to its status as a "forbidden" transformation. Thus, whenever exposed to Bultz Waves, he actively resists the transformation just as many Saiyans do.

Moves and Abilities[]

Healing - Roku has learned to give people his energy to heal their minor injuries. He can also revive small organisms such as birds, cats, dogs, ect

Flight - Roku can manipulate his ki to propel him, giving flight capabilites

Full Power Energy Wave - A improved version of his simply energy wave, he can bring his hands to his siden palms facing outward and push both hands forward. Creating a stronger, more condensed variant. 

Burst Rush - A physical move that involves him first elbowing the opponent in the bottom of the jaw, then punching them in the stomach, then he kicks them into the air and kicks them to the ground. Causing them to be stunned with pain on all fours, then he either stays in the air and fires a energy wave, or lands beside them and elbows them in the back of neck until they go into submission.

Astroid Smash - Roku kicks the opponent in the chest with both feet, teleports behind them and kicks them into the air then he flies up and double axe hammers them to the ground. He then gets on top of them in a kneeled position and puts his hand over the opponents face and fires a energy beam point blank. Used in dire situations.

Mimicry - Able to copy a move after seeing it only once, a very rare ability that not many have. Violet and Roku are the only 2 who have showcased this ability thus far. 

Soul Punisher - A move he used to defeat Brisk after defending his daughter Violet. Used in his Super Saiyan form, Roku dashes forward and knee's his opponent twice in the chest and flips over their head. He then follows up with a kick to the back of their neck. This both causes the enemy to stumble forward and stuns the enemy. Roku lands a few feet away from the enemy and forms a rainbow colored energy ball in his left hand. He then throws the energy ball and the energy absorbs itself into the enemy. The energy then destabilizes the chi flow of the enemy and causes him to disintergrate and die of their own energy being destabilized. This move is rarely used and is only used when there is no other way to end a fight. This is the most quick and effective way Roku kills his opponent without causing suffering.

Saiyan Assault - A melee move that involves Roku dashing for his enemy, at the last minute he disappears and reappears behind them. He then follows up by sweeping kicking them. While the enemy is falling backward he kneels down and raises his leg, kicking the enemy in the back and sending them flying into the air. After which he follows through by flying up above the enemy and using a double axe hammer like attack to knock the enemy back into the ground. Sometimes he will finish the move off with a energy wave but he will normally end the attack after the double axe hammer. Mostly used in his Super Saiyan form to try and end a fight without killing.