Rock Lee (ロック・リー, Rokku Rī)
Rock Lee 1

Rock Lee

is a Genin from Konohagakure. He is a member of Team Guy, and in his past he was mocked and ridiculed for his one standing attribute; He possesses no Ninjutsu or Genjutsu abilities whatsoever. The only moves Lee's been able to develop are Taijutsu, which he spent all his time and energy into. Guy believes this is Lee's key to winning.

Rock Lee is extremely energetic, single-minded, and over-enthusiastic. He is characterized as being the epitome of a "nice guy", having assumed many of Guy's personality quirks. One such trait is his apparent lack of common sense, believing at times that he can get what he wants by not wanting it. It is obvious that his appearance is mimicked to be like Guy, his one precious Idol and his Sensei.

A Great secret ability Lee has is that he is able to open Five of the Eight Inner Gates. This grants him Enormous levels of power.
Rock Lee 2

Rock Lee, Loyal only to his "Guy-Sensei"

Lee's known abilities are:

  • Dynamic Entry (Taijutsu)
  • Leaf Coiling Whirlwind (Taijutsu)
  • Leaf Gale (Taijutsu)
  • Leaf Whirlwind (Taijutsu)
  • Strong Fist (Taijutsu)

Ninja Tools Lee is known to use are:

  • Kunai
  • Shurikens



Lee unlocking one of the eight inner gates

Rock Lee 3

Rock Lee, Expert Taijutsu Wielder