Project ANVILEdit


Further EffectsEdit

The test would be considered a success, then a failure as it gave highly powerful soldiers, but so few. By the end of the Human Covenant War all but one had died. Marquis-B589 would survive and be both and ally and enemy to the UNSC until his death years after the war. While powerful, the risks were too high to produce many and further other projects such as the original Spartan-II through Spartan-V projects yielded much more results on the field.

Project ANVIL IIEdit

Despite the former projects failures, they did bring fantastically efficient soldiers. Therefore the Navy decided to create a second class of more loyal. The rate of death was reduced to 0% using the new drugs and procedures that have been perfected over the years. Only 4 Spartans were included in the project and operate in a team called The Four Horsemen. 

The effects of augumentation was that each Spartan has a form of magic/energy power that can be used briefly. They have extra strength that doubles the regular Spartans. Their life span has been extended to an extent. They can take much more damage than usual. 

The 4 Horsemen