CrossOverRp Wiki
  • No Godmodding 
  • Make a logical entrance to the RP
  • Ask on what the current RP is about before jumping in.
  • No autohitting/autokilling others.
  • When an RP is in progress, use parenthesis to show that you aren't talking in character. Ex: (This is an example)
  • First have a character page if this is your first time joining one of CrossOver's many RPs.
  • Don't do a solo RP in main that doesn't have any relevance to the current one.
  • RPs in CrossOver follow a storyline, so all of them aren't just random.
  • "BS RP" is where none of the events are canon. (non-canon RP)
  • If you need help with a character ask one of our administrators.
  • RPs have to have consistency to prevent any confusion.
  • Don't act idiotic, simple rule.
  • Sexual RP is not tolerated at all, take that into Private Messaging.
  • Characters must take hits at times during a fight between another character.
  • The only way to become one of the protagonists in the storyline is to come across the RP group or to fight against the antagonist group(s).
  • If you are considering making a faction or orginization, please send in a application to a Administrator. Sidenote; The Application for the faction and or orginization has to fit in with our Continuity.

Character balancing

If you're a new member of the CrossOver community and is interested in participating in RPs, please read this.

  • When creating a starter character, please keep in mind not to give the character overwhealming powers and too many abilities.
  • If bringing a character from a franchise (Ex. Spiderman from Marvel) be sure to nerf the character's abilities and powers to a reasonable extent.