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"Learn from your past. Let it teach you. Only by conquering yourself can you become invincible."

Obo is a Namekian warrior and trainer. Originally a teacher, Obo was forced to train as a fighter when King Cold sent his army to invade the planet Namek. Sending his son away with the many who would flee Namek as refugees to The Zen System, Obo remained behind with the other warriors and fought against the Cold Force. The Namekians were defeated, and Obo was taken prisoner. While captured, he was told that the Saiyans refused to grant the refugees hospitality and would refuse to stand up against King Cold, having fostered a new "peaceful outlook against needless war." Following the defeat of Voros by Roku and Satiba, Obo was inadvertently freed from his cell and stranded on Gathuru. When a Saiyan scout party found him, he took them hostage and contacted the Saiyan Royalty on Paradisus, demanding that they find his son in return for the scout party's safety. To buy time, Roku and Satiba arrived and fought the Namekian in battle until Paradisus identified his son, safe and living in peace among the Saiyans in school. Realizing his mistake and that the Cold Force had deceived him about what happened to the Namekian refugees, Obo immediately surrendered and willingly accepted imprisonment for taking the hostages. He spent his time there building a new outlook on life, learning patience, mental resilience, and understanding so as to not be so easily fooled by his enemies again, while keeping at his physical training. After six months of good behavior, Obo was released by King Tarbas himself. He pledged to ensure his son was on the right path, and vowed to do what he could to restore his people to power and good life on Namek.


Early Life[]

Much of Obo's original life has remained unspoken, but it is known that he was originally a teacher on the planet Namek. He was also once married, and had a child during this relationship, though due to the Namekian's unique physiology it is possible that Obo hatched his son himself.

The Cold Invasion on Namek[]

When King Cold began conquering other planets with his vast army, Namek was one of the targeted worlds. The Namekians considered taking the fight to them, but the Ruling Council decided to wait for the Saiyans to strike first, believing them to still be the savage, war-loving and conquering race they were in ancient times, while also desiring to avoid any potential collateral damage from the resulting battle the Saiyans would have with King Cold. However, no such strike came since the new Saiyan Royalty elected to avoid such conflict, thus the Namekians remained open to invasion.

Due to the oncoming threat of the Cold Invaders, the Ruling Council enacted a mandated draft, forcing many Namekians who were physically capable of combat or those who would be easy to train to be made into soldiers. The rest of the planet's population would be evacuated and seek refuge among the Saiyans, where hopefully they could convince the Royalty to join the fight against King Cold. Obo was among the many who was selected to be a warrior, and reluctantly told his wife and son good-bye, wishing them safety as he departed to begin his training.

Only one battle was fought on Namek, as the Cold Invaders had come in such force that they easily conquered the entire planet within a matter of hours. The Namekians fought hard, but were no match for the Cold Invaders which showed up with superior numbers, logistical support, advanced technology, and brutal tactics. Obo himself witnessed the personal murder of his wife by one of the Cold Invaders; entering a berzerker rage, he slaughtered a massive number of enemy soldiers with a ferocity some compared to a Saiyan, before he was subdued. Entertained by Obo's capabilities, the leader of the Invasion simply imprisoned Obo and kept him as a trophy.

Cold Captive[]

While imprisoned by the Cold Force, Obo was interrogated for information regarding where the Namekians intended to retreat. Having some small hope that some refugees managed to escape, Obo attempted to resist, but his demeanor broke upon the revelation that the Saiyans still remained inactive even now, after Namek was ruined by the Cold Invaders. This made him susceptible to mind probing, in which the details of the Namekian's attempted escape to Paradisus was noted, and he was personally tourmented on his memories and values, including his family, who he believed to be dead. At some point, he was transferred to Voros' flagship prior to its involvement in the Invasion of Paradisus, where he was held as a trophy in one of the prisoner cages.

Fight against the Keizer[]

When Ruba and Roku boarded Voros's ship, they went to the prisoner cells in search for Satiba, believing he might have been held there. They briefly encountered the Namekian, but didn't notice what he was, as very few words were exchanged and his physical features were hidden. He was quickly left behind as the two Saiyans continued their search.

Obo then began to be thrashed about his cell when the fight against Voros, in another part of the ship, turned especially violent. He barely managed to dodge one of the several beams of energy that sliced through the ship, and once his cell deactivated, he attempted to escape, avoiding the multiple explosions and energy beams that continued to ravage the ship. He ended up trapped on a section of the ship that drifted through space, relying on limited life support and a temporary state of suspended animation.


Obo eventually woke up, battered and injured but healing, on Gathuru. He remained isolated on the planet for some time, building himself a small hut and surviving on whatever water he collected.

He ended up being found by a Saiyan scouting party, who came to inspect the results of the ship section that crashed there. Once seeing they were Saiyans, the Namekian attacked and subdued them, restraining the Saiyans and holding them hostage. He used their communications gear to contact Paradisus, threatening to end the lives of the scouting party unless they procured his son, which he proclaimed would have been impossible since he still believed him dead.

Fighting Roku[]

Soon, Roku and Satiba arrived on the planet and attempted to negotiate with the Namekian. Obo refused hospitality, branding the Saiyans as cowardly and traitorous for refusing to help his planet fight King Cold. He then battled Roku while Satiba released the scouting party and helped try to acquire any status on the Namekian's son from Paradisus. Obo proved to be a very capable fighter due to his warrior training and his all-out style, believing he had nothing to lose as everything was already lost to him. Even though his time as a prisoner reduced his physical capabilities and his mental fortitude, he simply responded to Roku's talks with rage and irritation. He took advantage of a number of his unique biological traits to take Roku by surprise with many strange techniques.

However, once Satiba managed to get word from Paradisus that Obo's son was indeed found, alive and well, at a school with many other Saiyans and an assortment of refugees from other worlds, he informed the two fighters and urged them to stop. Obo, upon hearing that his son was alive, immediately stopped fighting and demanded that they show him proof. He was then shown, in real-time, a holo image of the investigators at the school, and got a moment to talk to his son. Relieved and astounded, Obo wished him good luck at his school, and once the transmission ended, surrendered without further fighting and willingly allowed the Saiyans to arrest him.

Saiyan Prisoner[]

Obo was brought to Paradisus, where he was put in prison for threatening the lives of the scout party and holding them hostage. He was offered a chance to have his time reduced if he showed good behavior, a request that was personally requested by Roku since he understood Obo's position as a father and wanted to see him get better. The request was granted by King Tarbas, and thus Obo was spared a life sentence as well as an execution. He was deposited to a facility where his power would be restrained, preventing any energy-based attacks or flying, where he began to adapt to the Saiyan prisoner population. Five months into his prison time, Obo encountered Tyber, the famed Fist of the North Star, who attempted a revolt against King Tarbas years ago and was also Roku's father. Obo saw something of his old self in Tyber, and hoped that the Saiyan would be given the same chance of redemption that he had; he forced his company upon Tyber, who reluctantly became accustomed to Obo's advice, words of wisdom, physical training, and mental exercises.


After six months of prison, Obo received a surprise visit by King Tarbas. The King had come to assess Obo's behavior; keeping his word to Roku that he would give Obo a chance to prove his worth in learning from his mistakes. Obo showed that he had learned much, not just from the hostage incident, but from his deeper past as well, taking into account his losses at Namek and his great anger towards all, which had been tempered into a determination to right the wrongs of those that had done evil to his people and seek justice, not revenge. In doing so, Obo secured himself an early release, and was informed by King Tarbas that he was to be free that night. When informed of the bad habits his son had developed and asked what he planned to do, Obo answered that he would first be the father he failed to be before, and set his son on the right path. He then vowed to find the surviving members of his race and help them restore their home planet to its former glory, regardless of whether they received any help from the Zen System planets or not.

Obo paid a last visit to Tyber, informing him that he was going to be released that night. He reminded Tyber to keep to the teachings that he had passed to him, having faith that just as he was freed, that Tyber might also be freed one day. He then bid his new friend good bye, and was released from the prison.


Obo is always serious, and is generally calm, stern, and reserved. In most cases, his worst attitude is indifference to others and some dismissive grumpiness, and at best he is thoughtful and respectful to others regardless of his differences with them. Due to the many negative moments in his life, he almost never cracks a smile anymore and tends to enjoy solitude. Even when presented with an opportunity to socialize with others, he typically prefers to be alone, in a way to remind himself of his past punishments and to remember where he came from.

He holds great respect and interest in his own Namekian heritage, as well as the variety of cultures across the stars, including Saiyan lore. He is polite towards others and follows any cultural practices as closely as he can. This comes from his original background as a teacher.

Obo also enjoys physical training, spending a great degree of his time in the gym whenever he can access one. He keeps his warrior training and combatives fresh with regular drills and spars, as well as enhancing his strength and endurance using a variety of machines.

After his interrogation and mind probing by the Cold Invaders, and his subsequent false belief in the Saiyan's weakness by not joining in war and accusing them of the loss of his family and planet, Obo has resolved to never have anyone successfully manipulate his mind ever again. He has taken to reading and meditating to sharpen his thoughts, and has trained his brain in a variety of exercises, from learning complex subjects to delving into psychic studies in the effort to make his mind resilient to outside influence. This has made him incredibly intelligent and quite wise, able to understand others that are like or unlike himself, and he has great patience when a crisis occurs or something doesn't go his way. In battle, this is put together with his warrior training to make him a very precise, tactical fighter, who attempts to prevent a fight with words, and if he has to fight at all, to do so with as little attacks as possible, trying to stop an enemy in single, concentrated blows. In addition, it has helped him gain access to some abilities as a result of his mental training.


Obo is a 6'2" tall Namekian male with green skin and pinkish patches. He prefers to wear loose, baggy clothing that only leaves his head and arms exposed, wearing some variety of traditional Namekian garb, including the pointed shoes. Obo also likes to wear some kind of cloak over his outfit, with which he can draw a hood over his head and block out needless distractions.



As a warrior-class Namekian who has spent a considerable amount of his time at the gym doing intensive physical training, Obo is one of the strongest of his kind. His abilities are comparable to powerful Saiyans, able to hold up against Roku in his base form during their first encounter. He even managed to keep up with Roku's Super Saiyan form for a period of time before being forced to rely on his own powered-up forms to compete. While his speed isn't terribly outstanding compared to Saiyans, he is still much faster than unpowered life forms and is quick enough to engage a dozen human soldiers in close combat and defeat them within seconds. Obo's most notable physical attribute is his outstanding endurance. He can push through extremely taxing physical trials for extensive periods of time without rest, and typically outperforms his counterparts in competitions regardless of their race or gifts in strength. As a first-time warrior, Obo was able to fight against the Cold Invaders for most of a day without slowing down or backing out. Once dedicating himself to his workout routine, Obo has greatly increased his stamina and endurance to the point that he can generally defeat most other warrior-class Saiyans in bodybuilding competitions.

Namekian Traits[]

As a Namekian, Obo has access to a few physical abilities that many other sentient beings cannot access without some form of magic.

  • Hyper Regeneration: Obo's self-healing abilities are quite considerable, able to regenerate lost limbs over time. He can exert himself and force lost limbs to regenerate entirely within a matter of seconds by concentrating his energy. The accelerated healing process puts him through intense pain, and uses up a large amount of his power, so this is used sparrringly.
  • Stretching: Obo can naturally hyper-elongate his limbs when concentrating his energy, capable of reaching his hands or feet to nearly 10 times his body length. This can be used to grab objects or enemies from far away, or as a means to grapple surfaces from a short distance beyond his standard reach.

Energy Powers[]

  • Aura Generation: By concentrating his Ki, Obo generates a thin aura of energy as a protective barrier. Comparable to an artificial energy shield, the aura can absorb, cancel, deflect, or reflect physical and energy attacks, though sufficient damage can break through it and energy absorbing can drain it.
  • Physical Enhancement: Ki concentration can also allow Obo to increase his physical abilities to a limited degree, though this drains his energy as he does so.
  • Flight: Obo can use small amounts of energy to easily allow himself levitation and flight through a planetary atmosphere.
  • Ki Blast: Obo can also collect Ki for an outer energy attack in many different forms, shaping them into spheres, bolts, beams or other forms according to his will and imagination. The more energy gathered, the stronger the attack.
  • Beam Cannon: Obo's preferred ranged energy attack involves him gathering Ki in two fingers before pointing at his target and firing two thin energy rays from the fingertips.
  • Ki Explosion: Obo can collect a large amount of energy and generate a blast all around his body to dispatch threats coming from all directions.

Psychic Powers[]

As a novice Psychic, Obo has a number of mental abilities at his disposal.

  • Mind Resistance: Obo has greatly trained his mind to withstand outside influence. His opponents will find it quite difficult to invade his brain in order to read his thoughts, detect his emotional state, mind control him, or conjure illusive images.
  • Empathy: Obo is capable of detecting the general emotion a sentient being near him is feeling.
  • Telepathy: Obo has a limited degree of Telepathy. It is currently limited to a single sentient mind within 30 ft, through which he can share his thoughts with others and communicate with them without a sound.
  • Mind Attack: A concentration of intense "White Noise," Obo focuses on a single target and inflicts intense headaches and mental disruption, preventing them from taking any action. The effect is negated if the enemy's will is strong enough to fight through it, or Obo becomes distracted and loses concentration on the technique.
  • Telekinesis: Obo has a limited degree of Telepathy, able to lift a 50 lb object with intense concentration up to a range of 40 ft with a velocity of 10 meters per second.


  • Great Namekian: Obo can intensify his energy and cause it to increase his physical stature. With this, he can increase his size to reach nearly 60 ft tall. Maintaining this size requires intense concentration and a significant amount of energy drain. While the giant form does increase his strength and endurance in proportion to the size increase, his speed is negatively impacted by the increase in body mass. Therefore, enemies that have great speed have a significant advantage against Obo in this form.
  • Super Namekian: A high-powered alteration in strength and energy, Obo remains in his base form appearance while all of his abilities reach levels comparable to a Super Saiyan. This form was first awakened beyond his control in an intense rage after witnessing the murder of his wife, though after witnessing Roku's Super Saiyan form, and with physical and mental training, he has tapped into accessing this form once again. He is now able to enter this state at will, though requires a period of time charging his power in order to do so.


  • Originally an older character, Obo was revamped similarly to Roku to follow the re-established continuity.
  • The working name for the current incarnation of the character was simply "The Namekian" or "The Nameless Namekian," a reference to the DragonBall character, until the name Obo was picked.
  • In other ways, Obo greatly resembles the DragonBall character "Piccolo." One of his later costumes is intended to be directly inspired by Piccolo's classical depiction.
  • Obo's name is a pun on a instrument, like the running gag of Namekians being named after instruments (Piccolo, Tambourine, Drum, ect).