Morpheus chair

Morpheus is a character in the RP world more recently discovered. At first, he seemed to be the leader of a crime syndicate that dealt in hacking computer networks. However, after Neo became "The One", it has become obvious that there is more to Morpheus than meets the eye.

Morpheus has a small army of people with him that has advanced skills in martial arts and are good at using firearms. He himself prefers to use a pair of SMG's or automatic pistols of almost any type, and even has some great accuracy at the basic handgun. Additionally, he has shown impressive feats at hand-to-hand combat and even the art of sword fighting. He always has one of his allies carrying his katana with them, as he might encounter a situation in which melee is required.

Morpheus is a good leader to rely on. He is also good at resolving conflicts, either between two groups or within a group itself.

While he might have a few similarities to the AI Morpheus, it is unknown if the two have a connection, or whether the two are named coincidentally
Morpheus (Matrix)

Morpheus, leader of "The Zion Rebels"

. There has been no word of him for years; perhaps he and the others of the Matrix rp could either be dead, erased from existence, or perhaps trapped somewhere in another dimension.
Morpheus gun sword

Morpheus with an Automatic pistol and a Katana, his favorite two weapons