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Sangheilios weapons

The merchant of qikost are a small group of Sangheili (a large portion of them were wiped out due to the main effort of evacuation being on Sangheilios during the wraith attacks) that have recently been rebased on one of Sangheilios' moons known as Qikost. Allowing for the formerly rare old ancient weapons of the Covenant to once again start being manufactured such as the energy sword, the revenant vehicle, concussion rifle, and even active camo. Most of these weapons productions were halted after the great schism due to the cost of them and what little money Sangheilios had to work with. Now paired with Armiger Munitions corporation and a new outlook on government money is once again available to start producing these weapons.

Type-2 Energy Weapon/Sword

Although still made mostly by hand the energy sword (while keeping its largely traditional status) is going to start being issued in larger numbers. Most energy swords in the galaxy either lost charge or broke years ago with the factories in disarray and the limited knowledge of the Sangheili since the San 'Shyum once provided everything. The type-2 keep the shape and size of the former type-1 (which is still available by request) but this time around colors can be changed for preference and the energy sword now has an internal houseing that allows the energy sword to charge by itself (30 seconds for another kill, roughly 5 min. to reach fully charged again).


Although mostly a weapon designed for humanoids the Merchant of Quikost have made quite a few sales on Sangheilios itself. Although most Sangheili will still choose the energy sword over the lightsaber they admire its elegance and civil manner compared to the energy sword. The task to get the light saber is difficult, needing to go to the Valley of the temples. It is rumored that the Merchants of Quikost let you choose of any matierials for the design.

Kalippe lightsaber by jnetrocks-d4dyzpo.jpg