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Marigold is a UEG outer colony founded in 2321. Since it's discovery, Marigold was used by the UEG to grow  agricultural products. Like many of the UEG colonies during the Human Covenant war, Marigold was attacked and glassed by the Covenant Empire. Marigold was once thought to be the birth place of Spartan-B289, however according to UNSC records, the individual was not part of the 300 who completed training.



Marigold was founded in April 2321 by UEG colonists on board the UNSC Agememnon and was established as an agricultural producing world soon after.

Insurrection eraEdit

Marigold would see various skirmishes between insurrectionist groups and the UNSC garrison stationed there, the most notable engagements being the Battle of New Providence and the Thunder Run of Brenton Valley in 2505 and 2509 respectively.

Human Covenant War and AftermathEdit

A Covenant Fleet led by Thel 'Chavam would find Marigold in 2535. After utterly annihilating the garrison fleet, the Covenant fleet glassed the planet, inflicting large civilian and military casualties. One notable survivor is Spartan-B289. Five years after the end of the Human Covenant War in 2557, the UEG would begin de-glassing the planet. A few settlements and the city of New Providence made up much of the re-terraformed colony.

UCR-UEG War, the Rain of DeathEdit

Marigold was once again subjected to widespread destruction once more during the UCR-UEG war in
Rain of Death

The bombing of New Providence during the UCR-UEG War.

2576, when the UCR's 9th, 3rd, and 10th fleets launched a retaliatory strike against UEG worlds in response to the glassing of UCR worlds Osea and Emmeria. The large scale indiscriminate orbital bombardment of Marigold and two other UEG colonies became known as the Rain of Death. Reconstruction efforts began by November 2576 and parts of the small settlements have been rebuilt due to the lesser permanent damage of conventional bombardment compared to glassing; the process of deglassing takes a minimum of two decades on worlds that were a "rush job."