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Adventure group (formally)
The Geth

Legion is a unique Geth mobile platform that was designed to operate outside the Perseus Veil and interact with organics. To that purpose, it houses 1,183 Geth programs, as opposed to the one hundred found in other platforms. Because of this it is able to operate independently and speak.


Legion, being an A.I, doesn't have much of a personality and doesn't understand most organic emotions. It doesn't get jokes and will point out the obvious flaws that make them funny to organics. Because there are many programs inside its platform, it often refers to itself as "we". Being a A.I it is extremely ingelligent and is able to hack almost any computer. It is also a skilled sniper and is able to hit almost all of his targets no matter what the range or situation.


Due to the New Dawn Empire using hacked Geth programs and platforms Legion was sent to aide Marq in his battle against the NDE as him and his team seemed to be the most affective against them. While looking for Marq it was shot and it left a gaping hole in its chest because of this it is unable to remember some things from its past.

After the New Dawn Empire was destroyed Legion left Marq's aide and went to live with his kind on their home planet, Rannoch.