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The Large scale enterprises of the Central Committee is an organization of the Nippon government. LCC is commanded by administrators trying to reign in control of the multiple rising military corporations on the JSDF homeworld after the Exon-UNSC attack.


Established shortly after the end of the Subterranean Era, LCC is headed by several figures in the surviving Nippon government. Their goal is to quickly take control of the rising disorder between the military corporations as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, its resources are nowhere near as plentiful as those of the corporations, and since those groups already control all the major mining areas, the LCC is having a difficult time producing its resources on its own. More damning still is the fact that the Earth Government has no real access to Armored Core materials or pilots, due to its general aversion to the use of Ravens combined with the fact that the corporations generally don't do business with the Government. These factors combine to make the LCC little more than a puppet group with no power.