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Kinetica is a Racing sport found on larger worlds across Nippon territories. The rules are simple, and exactly like any other race; be the first to cross the finish line after a certain number of laps. However, there are some aspects of the sport that are far different from other racing types.

For one, participants are not drivers or even pilots (despite being called pilots), but rather, they use their bodies directly as part of the race. Pilots wear "Kinetic Suits", which is basically a light armored suit with wheels mounted on the body, commonly the hands and feet (though exceptions do exist). This, combined with the acceleration units on the Kinetic suits, allow racers to travel at great speeds reaching over 350 miles per hour, or 560 kilometers per hour.

The tracks that pilots race on vary from shape and configuration, though their overall design sports no variety. Typically, they consist of long straight paths as well as twists and turns. In addition, racers often experience scaling the track while being turned on their sides, or even up-side down. The gravity units around the tracks are strong enough to keep racers from plummeting to their doom, while still allowing for "jumps" despite being oriented to the side or upside-down.

Pilots are able to perform tricks during the race, whether grounded or flying through the air; successfully performing a trick builds up the pilot's "Boost bar", which can be used to increase the racer's speed for a short time until the boost energy runs out.

Along the track, racers can collect power-up crystals that spawn once every lap, coming in two varieties:

  • Yellow: Allows for use of the pilot's "Special ability" after collecting 3 Yellow crystals
  • Purple: Allows for use of the pilot's "Special ability" upon obtaining, regardless of the number of Yellow crystals obtained.

Collecting a different power crystal does not reset the collection of the other type of power crystal. For example, upon collecting a purple crystal, a pilot still keeps any yellow crystals they previously collected. However, a Pilot can only store one use of their Special ability at any one time.

Each Racer's Kinetic Suits have different stats, divided into five categories:

  • Acceleration
  • Top Speed
  • Cornering
  • Grip
  • Mass

List of Popular Racers

  • Siba Gastron
  • Ava Giovanni
  • Xia Covault
  • Zinon Tera
  • Cera Esper
  • Crank
  • Greck Auger
  • Razzo Corsair
  • Vigor Disoto

List of Worlds that hosts Kinetica races