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The Jiralhanae Alpha Tribe was a self-proclaimed master collection of Jiralhanae Chieftains that controlled the Hand of Tonitrui, one of several Covenant Remnant factions. The group of Chieftains were commanded by Sotophirus, an enhanced Brute who attempted a revolutionary takeover of Doisac and initiated several strikes against the UNSC, Sangheilios, other Covenant Remnant factions, the UCR, and the Adventure Group. The armies of the Hand of Tonitrui were commanded by the Alpha Tribe, whose members were fiercly intelligent and even more ferociously violent in combat. Each of the ten Chieftains had improved Power Armor over the Chieftains from the Covenant Empire, as well as stronger weapons and personalized Gravity Hammers. Upon the defeat of their major army on Doisac, the Alpha Tribe retreated to their fallback outpost on Soirapt with Sotophirus, where they attempted to coordinate a new strategy; however, the Alpha Tribe was soon slain by the Sangheili Assassin known as the Elite Headhunter, bringing an end to the group.







Clangendus was the Chieftain of the "Jiralhanae Screamers," a division that made extensive use of Sound-based weapons and equipment. Due to the remarkable harm this loadout placed upon nearby allies as well as enemies, the group was often sent alone or faraway from other groups of the Hand of Tonitrui, lest they unintentionally slay their fellow clans. The division was identified by their use of all-white colored armor across their forces of Brutes, Hunters, Jackals and Grunts, though they tended to be heard long before they were seen.

The only confirmed sighting of Clangendus himself as well as his clan was during the Invasion of Doisac, where he and his forces were among the many that defended the Hand of Tonitrui's territory. Encountered on the field far from Jiralhanae defensive lines and a good distance from other allied forces, Clangendus and his army immediately went to work on a mass slaughter of the invading group, taking the Humans and Elites by surprise with the use of Sound as an unconventional, and highly effective, weapon.

The response to the threat of Clangendus' clan was swift, as the lethality of their Sonic weapons marked them as a prime target. Thus, while they inflicted heavy casualties, the division was not able to last long in the invasion as they were quickly met with a harsh retaliation, whittled down and wiped out to the last. Clangendus himself entered personal combat with Spartan Marquis-B289, leader of the Adventure Group and head of the rescue force sent to find the Forerunner that the Hand of Tonitrui had captured. Clangendus put up a hard fight, though despite his skill and equipment, he was successfully killed in combat by Marq.


Clangendus wore White-colored Chieftain armor, complete with Overshields and Invincibility Modules, with the following modifications:

  • Enhanced Sonic Sensors, capable of picking up the sound of a pin dropping from 200 feet away.
  • Sound Dampners, capable of rendering an overhead thunderstorm or a nearby earthquake to be completely noiseless. Also protects him from his Hammer's Sonic Disruptor.
  • High-powered Sonar, capable of detecting Cloaked or Stealthed units by rebounding Soundwaves or providing "sight" in total darkness. Produced the effect of an audible Pinging noise when triggered, not directly harmful to unprotected ears but uncomfortable to hear, resulting in a temporary stun that slowed enemy infantry for a few seconds at a time.
  • Thunderclap Defense: Reactionary Sonic Generators built into the Armor that generates an extremely powerful Sound burst when struck, Shielded or Un-Shielded, powerful enough to completely destroy a Warthog if rammed, or overturn heavy vehicles like the UNSC Elephant.


  • Sonic Pulse Cannon: Sound-based Support weapon built from a modified Type-52 Plasma Cannon chassis. Fired single-shot spheres of concentrated sound, with similar effect and velocity to the munitions launched from a UNSC Missile Pod. Powerful enough to destroy a Scorpion Tank in two shots, or a Hornet in one, though possessed limited charge, rendered no longer useable after 20 blasts. Extensive recharge requirement rendered it unable to be recharged on the field of combat, so it was discarded once all its charges were used.
  • Gravity Hammer: Sonics-empowered Gravity Hammer with specific Soundwave-generating impellers instead of Gravity Field generators, causing powerful Thunderclaps to strike its enemies, lethal within 10 ft. Capable of super-charging to generate a 25-meter Thunderclap if it strikes a target after more than a 15-foot fall. The Hammer also had a built-in Disruptor capable of rendering electronics unusable, even those generally shielded from EMP, which also served the function of causing unprotected eardrums to rupture and bleed; range 25 meters, the same as standard UNSC Motion Trackers. The Disruptor had a failsafe that rendered it permanently active, should it ever be separated from Clangendus' armor for more than a minute.
  • Sonic Detonators: Grenades resembling the Covenant Plasma Grenade, though generating a burst of loud sound instead of high-temperature plasma. Direct hits powerful enough to burst unprotected infantry into pieces, those near the blast would survive but be disoriented from the loud noise, leaving them vulnerable to further attack.











All of these leader-class Jiralhanae wielded special arms and armor in clan meetings and in battle. They were already Chieftains prior to joining the Hand of Tonitrui, and thus started at minimum with Chieftain-style Power Armor, enhanced Energy Shielding, standard Gravity Hammers, and Invincibility Energy Shield Boosters. After becoming members of Sotophirus' Inner Circle, these Brutes were able to modify their equipment to their desires.


  • The emblem pf this group of Jiralhanae comes from the HUD Icon for the "Invincibility" Equipment, a reference to their use of the Invincibility Shielding Module as well as a symbol of their proclaimed invincibility in battle, as they were each much tougher than ordinary Chieftains.