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GNX/F-401 "Octave"
GNX-401 Octave.png
The Octave




Tactical Mobile Suit


17.3 Meters


Quasi-3rd Generation


  • CMF Navy
  • CMF Marine Corps


  • Forerunner Composite
  • Hardlight Shielding

Developed Into

The GNX/F-401 "Octave" is a Mobile Suit created by DARPA, in collaboration with the UCR and CMF. It served as a test bed for advanced technologies being infused into Mobile Suits to create much more efficient machines, leading to the creation of many more GNX'F's since its introduction.

Combat History

The Octave has seen combat plenty of times, leading to the machine being deemed a success. Its first deployment was during the Battle of Earth, where a squadron of these Mobile Suits were deployed to attack and destroy multiple ground-based UNSC targets. First Mission deemed a major success as no units were lost or beyond repair. The Octave Also participated in the Blue Flag war games as part of the CMF's representative squadron.


The Octave is armed with many weapons and defensive feaures, many standard and a few original. The following lists most, if not all, of the equipment the Octave has.

  • Offensive
    • CQC Combat Daggers: While small in size, when used skillfully these daggers can be very dangerous. Cut Nanoube edge designs allow it to cut through most materials with ease.
    • WS-16B Assault Cannon System
      • 36mm Chain-Cannon (Primary)
      • 120mm Cannon (Undermounted Secondary)
  • Defensive
    • Forerunner Composite Armor: Extremely durable armor provides excellent protection to the frame of the Octave.
    • Hardlight Shielding: Additional protection for the Octave, the Hardlight Overshield in conjuntion with its armor provided the Octave unrivaled protection at its time of first deployment.
    • Head-Mounted Beam CIWS: A pair of rapid fire beam guns for the purpose of taking out incoming missiles and projectiles. Also able to be used against smaller targets or as an emergency weapon against enemy MS's in close combat.

The WS-16 Assault Cannon