Technical ruler

Eve, Queen of Nasods, Evil Danno

 Elrios is a big planet with a relatively small population.


Once Elrios was a large prospering planet with massive cities. Then the king Nasod attempted to conquer all of the non-Nasod kingdoms for El, called the Resource war. Many fell, but resistance was met from the Human species. The humans won but their once technologically advanced kingdoms fell apart into small communities and without the powerful Nasods, crime and destruction occured frequently. Several thousand years after the war a team of "heroes" (or villains) purged Elrios of most bandits and evil-doers. Elrios was later attacked by a race known as the Wraiths, when this happened the "heroes" and all the known races banded together to defend their world. They succeeded and from that day the races have lived in haromy, though bandits and some rogues still cause trouble from time to time.