A Sketch of the MK-III armor; Highly exaggerated by the Artist, as the Armor was definately larger and had no "Head-Flaps" On the Helmet.


The Head of the Armor

The DZX-Class powered Armor Exoskeleton is a series of suits crafted by Danno. They were made after he received a suit of MJOLNIR mk VII armor, and after the event with which he suffered from an extreme case of Hypothermia, Frostbite, and ended up with an amputated right arm. This lead him to use some of the UCR's Cybernetic Technology to develop a Cybernetic limb for him, and with the unplanned success of an extremely advanced cybernetic limb, Danno continued further with this technology, ending up forging a powered exoskeleton capable of many things.

Cybernetic LimbEdit

Danno's Prosthesis was a really advanced Robotic limb, and had been fitted with a large array of tools at first.

MK IEdit

  • A standard hand unit
  • A Blowtorch
  • A Plasma Cutter
  • A Powered Screwdriver
  • A "Hammer" Hand


  • A Standard Hand
  • A small, pistol-like Device
  • A durable Melee Blade
  • A "Hand-Blaster" Reminicent of the Iron Man's Gauntlet

The ArmorEdit

Danno's Armor was based off the technology accidentally Discovered by Danno while making his Arm. He also used Reverse-Engineered Technology from his MJOLNIR mk VII Powered Assault Armor in the development.

  • Is made of a thin, but strong and durable Nickel-Titanium Alloy
  • Is coated with EMP, Radiation, Heat and Energy shielding of the next-Generation technology.
  • Has a Full-Body Energy Shield surrounding the Armor, just above the Plates.
  • Is able to fly, Swim, and Plow through most materials

Weapons of the MK IIIEdit

  • A Laser Pulse Rifle
  • Right Arm weapons: A Gatling gun and a Flamethrower that can dispense other Chemicals as well
  • Left Arm Weapons: A Cable launcher and a Grenade Launcher
  • Dual Melee Blades in the Arm Portions of the Armor that cannot be removed, like all the other weapons
  • Right shoulder: A Micro-Missile Launcher
  • Left shoulder: A Mini Twin-Linked Laz cannon
  • Right Thigh: A Plasma Pistol; Not a Halo Plasma Pistol, but one that actually does a Crapload of Heat Damage
  • Left Thigh: A Mine Dispenser
  • Right Calf: A Belt of 9-Gauge Shotgun Shells that can easily and quickly attach to any Shotgun that will fire the Shells
  • Left Calf: A Smoke Dispenser