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Hello to new users of the wiki,

The CrossoverRP community has moved to Discord, with the wiki remaining for pages. If you are interested in joining the discord, please let an admin know.

How to Contribute

Make a character

You can't participate in roleplay if you don't have a character! If you expect anyone to know anything about your character, it needs a page! Take a look at some existing character pages, and then make your own! Just type the name of your character below in this convenient box!<createbox> width=24 break=no buttonlabel=Create </createbox>

Join the chat

Making a character is pointless if you don't use him/her. Click here to enter the chatroom and see if anyone else is there! Here's a few pointers:

  • Use parentheses to make a comment that isn't part of the RP. For example, if you're saying "hi" to a user, type (Hey, User)
  • Parentheses are also used to help explain things. For example, if you type *Picks up an M6D* you can then type (the pistol from Halo 1)
  • Use asterisks to show that your character is performing an action. For example, if you're tossing someone a rifle, type *Tosses Example a rifle.*
  • Asterisks are also used to show non-character actions and to describe things. For example, if a phone rings, type *The phone begins to ring.* If a hangar is empty, type *The hangar is empty.*
  • Text by itself is assumed to be dialogue by your character. For example, typing I don't feel good. indicates your character is saying that he/she does not feel good.
  • If you need to control another character aside from your main character, typing the character's name followed by a colon will indicate that the following is for that character. For example, if a guard asks for a name while sipping a cup of coffee, type Guard: *sipping a cup of coffee* Hey, what's your name?'
  • If dialogue is directed to a specific character and it isn't obvious in the wording, using either parentheses or asterisks can resolve this. For example, if your character is asking Grif where his rifle is, type *to Grif* Where's your rifle? or (to Grif) Where's your rifle? It doesn't really matter which way you do it, but try to be consistent, and if you see other users preferring one of these ways, it may be convenient to do the same as them.

Listen to moderators and admins

This is the most important rule. Failure to do this will result in warnings, and even removal from chat.

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