Human Chancellor Steed

Chancellor Lance V. Steed is a member of the Universal Council of Race's High Council. He has served in Politics for a good part of his life, and it has carried him far with many supporters. Steed is best known for his habits to directly attack a problem, looking for the most efficient and quickest way to deal with a situation. He was good friends with the Prophet of Charity at one time, after the Human-Covenant War. Steed also has seemed to gain the trust and political support from many of the "Elite" Species. However, his Bold and Stubborn personality might have pushed away those who prefer more Peaceful methods, such as Vaari, another member of the Council. It has become apparent that Steed suggests either Project G aka "Zack" to be used against the rising UN threat or the Bird Human capabilities of Leria and Helen. Either way will obviously lead to total Destruction of the UN territory, and massive casualties to either the UN or other Factions... many hundreds of thousands of Civilian lives will be lost. However, he counters this with: "We must do all that is necessary in order for this Council to make sure it's people are Protected by the power we have in our Military force."

Steed as a low ranked member of UNSC High Command

Before Steed became a Councilor in the UCR, he served in the UNSC high Command, and only transferred after the Human-Covenant War. Vaari once commented on this: "When the Human-Covenant War was over in one Dimension, the NDE rose up in the other. This Man instantly transferred to the UCR... it seems wherever War goes, Steed will follow."