The Blood Angels are part of the Burning Bridges Forces and are Space Marines, their homeworld is Baal.

Role in the Burning Bridges ForcesEdit

The Blood Angels are a feared unit in the Burning Bridges Forces, unlike other "Space Marine" units the Blood Angels aren't all one colour. Most of the unit has Red coloured armor but one group named Death Company has black coloured armor. They are known as the Sons of Sanguinius. Sanguinius was the founder of the Blood Angels Chapter who died in the Horus Heresy while fighting Horus himself.

Blood Angels are very dangous if you let them get into hand to hand combat.

Blood Angel flawsEdit

Although it is known to but a few, the Blood Angels are a dying Chapter, for they suffer from a dreadful flaw.

The Black Rage is the worst of the Blood Angels flaws. Death Company is made of people who have fallen to The Black Rage and they seek death before Red Thirst takes them.

The Red Thirst is the Blood Angels' darkest secret and greatest curse, but it is also their greatest salvation, for it brings with it a humility and understanding of their own failings which makes the Blood Angel the most turly noble of the Legiones Astartes.

Death CompanyEdit

The Death Company is a special unit in the Blood Angels Chapter whose members are consumed by the permanent, debilitating psychosis known as the Black Rage once a Blood Angel has fallen to the Black Rage nothing came bring them back, they are lost and become part of Death Company till their death, memebers of Death Company seek death before the Red Thirst takes them, only Mephiston has overcome the Black Rage.

Blood Angels fearsEdit

Few things scare Blood Angels or any Space Marines for that matter, the main thing Blood Angels fear is the Black Rage and The Red Thirst.

Known Blood AngelsEdit

  • Chief Librarian Mephiston - The only Blood Angel to overcome the Red Thirst and the Black Rage.
  • Blood Angel Mike - Flamer, made commander after most of the unit was murdered during a head on charge while fighting the NDE, is now in charge of Furioso Dreadnoughts and restraining them.
  • Blood Angel Scout Alex - 1st Scouts, was the leader of a Scout squad untill they were all killed by the NDE, only lived as he ran, became a fighter pliot after the war.
  • Blood Angel Joe - 2nd Scout squad leader, has lost all but one of his squad sadly she is a Furioso Dreadnought.