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Evodvi Evodvi 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone have a good time. Also please be on tomorrow ... On christmas :D Seeya 

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Sgt D Grif Sgt D Grif 12 December 2012

The Rare Blog of Grif

Big surprise, I'm making a blog.

Anyways, I'll keep this nice and simple. We could probably use some new RP ideas for next year (I'm guessing the holidays might be a sketchy time for some users). So, instead of coming into chat with a good idea, finding it empty, and forgetting about it, post some ideas down below. Whether it's an entire story, an interesting twist, a character idea, big or small, whatever it is, don't hesitate to share. Any loose ideas you have could easily be expanded upon by someone else. That way, we won't sit in chat going "Hmm, anyone have any ideas?" "Nope, hbu?" "Nope, ummmmmm". I mean, we probably will anyways >.> but we'll have something to work from.

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Danno-048 Danno-048 6 December 2012

Big Role play

This is for an idea I have for a large roleplay that I would like to happen before the 2nd Generation starts. It composes of the Hand of Tonitrui, ONI, Rtas 'Vadum, and some UCR and UNSC connections. Forerunner connections are also in it. Below are characters that would be great if you guys would do the rp with; however, if you do not want to do it, that is ok.

  • Marq
  • Stacker
  • Vaz
  • Elite headhunter
  • Evo
  • Blade
  • Mk 6
  • Mira*
  • Rose*
  • Mk 7*
  • Mason*
  • Samantha*
  •    *   = Isn't necessarily in my idea for the Roleplay, but you can add them if you would like; this would be kinda cool too, lol

Additionally, it'd be great if we could get the UCR into this. Other characters I'm introducing that maybe you guys could roleplay as along with your characters are:

  • Obadiah - Member of …

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Danno-048 Danno-048 5 December 2012

Card joke with Proto

  • Remember Prototype SPADES ><
  •   10:33 Prototype Trickster XD
  • Know why Spades?
  •  10:34 Prototype Trickster why?
  • 10:34 Danno-048 Because we don't have enough people for clubs Not enough money for diamonds And I definately don't feel you
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The Real KYR SP33DY The Real KYR SP33DY 5 December 2012

Gosh, Its new everyweek

Hi and welcome the blog of "Gosh, Its New Everyweek"

This week we will be talking about the wiki. this gonna be fun

So, what is CrossOverRP Wiki? I'm glad you asked. It's a type of Roleplaing wiki and filled with exciting stuff.

Gosh, is there a chat?

Yes, there is.

there you can meet people who like to RP.

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Sgt Stacker117 Sgt Stacker117 3 December 2012

... I'll miss you guys... please read this!

Okay so my parents are taking my lap top till I move out and i'm not going to be on other then 2:30 - 3:30 central time. I'm sorry this is happening again but my parents don't like me much and i'll move out as soon as I can XD

But it would be cool if you guys could leave your phone numbers or something... then I can at least talk to you >.<

Sgt Stacker117 (talk) 13:05, December 3, 2012 (UTC)

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Danno-048 Danno-048 30 November 2012


Hello everyone

If you were unaware of it, I play the Flute.... recently, I have become interested in the Piano and the Cello.

I may become a musician as a side hobby or interest. I probably will actually lol.

But for the past few days, I've been stuck on Ludwig Van Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, part one. Here's a link for you all who do not speak Musician giberish lol

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Danno-048 Danno-048 26 November 2012

Marq, I'm gonna get you

Yup. XD

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Danno-048 Danno-048 20 November 2012

No remorse

Nothing. There is nothing for me.

I stuggle with highschool. I struggle communicating my feelings to people. I struggle with getting everyone who's off task to listen to me and pay attention to what has to happen. I struggle feeling welcomed in conversation with friends.

I'm always doing things for people when they can do it themselves. I'm always trying to comfort people. I'm always trying to strengthen my friendship with others. I'm always trying to do well and learn something. Because I know I can't succeed in life with what I have now; so I try my best to learn what I can.

I try to connect with other people. I try to befriend Teachers. I try to do well. I try to do what I can to fulfill my goals in life. I try to be a better person.

Every …

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Icarus-0145x Icarus-0145x 6 November 2012


Crossover rp chat has retrieved the presence of an enemy unit.

We have a Hacker.

User:CatwitchBlair is NOT Blair, it is another person; an ex boyfriend of hers seeking revenge.

SacredXkitty must be unbanned IMMEDIATELY.

Apprehension of CatwitchBlair must commense IMMEDIATELY.

Action must be taken. Marquis-B589, you know what must be done.

Exterminate our new enemy.


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Sgt Stacker117 Sgt Stacker117 4 November 2012

New Cmods

Vote now

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Sgt Stacker117 Sgt Stacker117 4 November 2012

All users on the wiki.

Marq has asked me to make a page on who you think should be a new c-mod due to his and Blair's absense during the day and alot of spamming and disrespect and nothing the normal users can do about it. Please list your suggestions. THIS IS SERIOUS Sgt Stacker117 (talk) 04:52, November 4, 2012 (UTC)

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Danno-048 Danno-048 4 November 2012

Mod status


This is Danno, in response to Vile's mod proposal Blog.... lol

This site does need some more mods. However, last time we did it we had a system in where anyone could be a mod when they got to a certain number of edits and official characters. We decided to discard that because there could be some irresponsible mods lurking around.


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Vile45 Vile45 4 November 2012

Vile45's Mod Application.

Hi Vile45 here,and well this is my mod request.

Now I know what you may be thinking,"Why does he want to be mod?"

To answer that,we need a mod who's around when the others aren't, to keep the peace and moderate. Trollings don't

happen that much around here some may say, and well that may be true it always pays to be better safe then sorry.

Some facts about me

  • I have 346 edits to my name,which not as much as other users is still a big number.
  • I have always been a active member of both the wiki and chat.
  • I'm generelly friendly to anyone even newcomers.
  • I have been a mod before on this site.
  • I help out whenever I can
  • I'm usually here everyday

So in conclusion, I hope you consider me for a mod position and thank you for your time.

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Theanimekid Theanimekid 15 October 2012

can't way tell the new soul eater

soul eater sesion 3 comeing out soon

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Alien-king Alien-king 14 October 2012


Ok here are the key momment in my characters past you have to add words and make a page out of them

  • Project rogue fails (Read this for details )
  • Scientist convince the army to let them make another xenomorph weapon
  • The project is called Project Alien King
  • 6 specimins were made
  • All but 4 died from the testing
  • Specimin 5 was testing on further number 6 was sent away to a unkown place
  • The scientist injected 5 with chemicals to inhance his strenth, thought and skill
  • Mercenarys from a rival lab attack the facility and cut the power
  • 5 escapes and kills everyone there
  • More smarter than the scientist thought 5 was able to speak and named him self Alien-king
  • Later Alien found a local hive
  • I turns out 6 escaped from her lab as we…
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Alien-king Alien-king 13 October 2012

Holy butt monkeys look at this!!!!

Title says it so watch it ja bronys

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Danno-048 Danno-048 7 October 2012

1000 edits

Wahoo! 1,000 Edits! First and so far only user to get that far....

So what, do I get a reward or something? lol jk jk

Trying not to brag here..... ;)


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Alien-king Alien-king 6 October 2012

Will be away for a bit

I don't know why but my Laptop charger is broke so i won tbe on for a few days so don't go missing me to much i will be back soon. :P

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Danno-048 Danno-048 27 September 2012


Here is a Test of your abilities to think; below are some questions, and you are given the option to answer, or not to if you prefer. Simply stating, if you cannot do it, does that make me smarter than you?

The time limit to this is Three days. Are you up to the Challenge?

1. When is the time of a clock like the whistle of a train?

2. How many sides has a circle?

3. What has neither nails or bones but has four fingers and a thumb?

4. What is always on its way here but never arrives?

5. Why is silk like grass?

6. The more you take away from it the larger it grows, what is it?

Good Luck >:)


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Danno-048 Danno-048 20 September 2012


Greetings all users of Crossover rp

Recently, I have gotten into the Cybernetic and Robotic themes in Fiction. Mechs, Robots, Cyborgs, Machines, Artificial Intelligences, and the like are what I've delved into lately.

I also hope to somehow reintroduce the character, Adam Jensen, into the rp.

Hope all of you have a good time in role play


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Daughter of Lupa Daughter of Lupa 7 September 2012

Daughter of Lupa

Hi, I'm User:Daughter of Lupa, Some People call me Dol. Other call me Lupa and Lulu.I prefer you call me Lupa for My User:name. Please call me Lupa, if you dont want to, you can call me Lulu. Thanks for stopping by. One thing, is we dont know where roach at, or what happen to him. he want me get on. as i know he at shool, or sleeping.

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Alien-king Alien-king 1 September 2012

Check this out

Hay guys take a look at this awesome desktop picture i got of the Halo 4 armors. it shows most of the new armors so now you can see most of them what do you think?

Heres the link (i couldent upload it because it was to small)

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Col.roachclan5 Col.roachclan5 29 August 2012

The Blog station

Hello crossover its me the Roach bring you all the music and news your little harts can handle and heerrrreeeeees me with the news ok we allknow blair and marq right the two start crossed lovers both irl and rp now most people who have watched the site on my end have been asking. When the hell are blair and marq going to tie the rp not is it because there not ready or is it because blair is just dating marq for his body who knows but anywho in other news this blog station is asking for people to fill in some of its other segments like weather, sports and self help and other stuff like that. Any way heres a song that goes out to owr boys who are fighting over seas and deffending our freedom heres 3 doors down citizen soldier. Fallout New Ve…

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Alien-king Alien-king 24 August 2012

Did the Meta really die?

Ok so im a fan of RVB and as we all know the meta is dead he? i mean that guy was a 100% badass and could give chief a run for his money but he died very simply he's tooken much worse even before he became the meta and still lived. aswell this is RVB so he might come back so idk

Like this he took a sword tot he chest and just was like bitch please and beats them all up

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Yoko Littner Yoko Littner 24 August 2012

Random Things

I was bored so I decided to type this up. Anyway, let's cut to the subject. Okay, so I decided to transfer my character to bad since well, yeah I've been acting like a total bitch this whole time. Just an update.

Another sad thing that happened yesterday, is that Carol finally left Wikia to set for college. I miss her already ;(

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Col.roachclan5 Col.roachclan5 18 August 2012

Secrets can kill

Can secrets kill well if you had asked me that two years ago then i would have said no but now i will say yes because today is the date of my friends death his name was jacob he was a great friend and a better soldier he lived a great life but one day he asked me a question that to this day i wish i had never answered. He asked me what is the most peaceful why to go and i told him in your sleep because then you wont know if your dead or alive if only back then i knew what he ment he might still be alive i could have stopped him from ending his own life. It wasnt until the next morining when i found him in his bunk OD on sleeping pills and a note that said i will die as i lived in peace i could have stopped his death, i blame myself for his…

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Alien-king Alien-king 17 August 2012

What do you think of the Halo 4 armors?

Ive been searching the net for Halo 4 armors and i have found a few pics. so i was wondering what do you think of them? personally i like them but what do you think?

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Victor288 Victor288 16 August 2012


The chats won't load for me >.<

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Col.roachclan5 Col.roachclan5 16 August 2012

Those who live in the past are doomed to repeat it

So what if someone makes a new account there are teo reasons why someone would make it and that is one they are trying to get around blocks or bans or two they are hiding from those who wise to hurt them mentaly and make some one so depressed that they would wont to kill them selfs and end the pain. Me i used to make back up accounts to hide from those people think my life would be a new if no one know me but that is not the case in some places that is why when ever someone try's to make a new life in a wikia and the person that they try to hide from finds them then that is when all hell breaks loose and then fingers start to point as the person trys to explain why he did it the bully just throw lie after lie breaking that person down to a…

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Col.roachclan5 Col.roachclan5 16 August 2012

can people turn violent to other people in chat ?

Some people belife that video games turn people violent well thats only half the truth when in actuality violince is a part of human nature it makes us what we are as humanbeings so form what i've seen in real life and in the vitural world people are not made violent from games or the computer its there personality's that make them violent and lash out at people who try to be friends. Also when ever someone is in a chat room people will use verbal or even mental abuse to harm people i have seen this time and time again in the halo nation chat room and even other people have seen it but their are those who are there to help people fill comfort in this kind of world such as the two people here on this wikia Blair and Yoko are the only other …

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Alien-king Alien-king 15 August 2012

Whats your thoughts on Halo 4?

With Halo 4 coming in 3 months i was wondering what people think of it. Ive seen alot of videos on what 343 has added the forge is a big improvement and the armors look cool. But is there anything that you don't like? do you think 343 will ruin the halo series? or will they make it 100% more awesome?

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Col.roachclan5 Col.roachclan5 10 August 2012

is there too much sex in games ?

people say that young kids are being exsposed to sex in games but what they dont know is that there is sex in movies and books to. So i have to ask this do you people on the net belive that there is too much sex in games now a days ? please leave a post or comment

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Vile45 Vile45 1 August 2012

100 Edits

Hey people.

Vile here just wanted to give everyone a notice of my newest Achievement: I am now a official Mod instead of a temp!


That's all i don't know why your still reading this sentence, what do you want my life story?


maybe later

Vile out

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Protoman45 Protoman45 24 July 2012

This is for the Achievement.....

Hey just ignore this, I'm only doing this for the achievement so yeah

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Danno-048 Danno-048 23 July 2012

I have Returned

I'm back...

Turns out my Metamorphosis didn't take as long as I thought it would.

Come talk to me! I'm a totally new person.


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Danno-048 Danno-048 17 July 2012


Started writing at approximately 8:51 PM 7/16/2012

To All the Users of Crossoverrp wikia:

I am changing myself from now on. I will be Departing Crossoverrp for a Month. There are No issues with my Computer or Internet, nor has anyone caused me to leave. Recent Events happened in my Life that has caused Me to do this. I am Going through a Metamorphosis.... this is why I am leaving for a Month. When I return, I will be a new person. I will be Physically, Mentally, and Spiritualy Stronger. I will have the way I act to change. I will be More Diciplined. I will be a New Danno. I will leave to Train, to make my Body, Mind, and Spirit Stronger than Ever Before.

So before I go, I wish to tell you All things that I feel now. I have Tears in my Eyes as…

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Alien-king Alien-king 30 June 2012

I only put this for the achievement ¯\(° o)/¯

The title explanes it :/

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Shotgun02 Shotgun02 26 June 2012

Might not be on for a long time

Hi Shotgun02 here, my laptop's charger has died so I can only eidt on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Feel free to edit my pages.

  • Roberta Sesan
  • Blood Angels
  • Chaos Space Marine
  • The Burning Bridges Forces
  • Robert Naylor
  • Joe Hawker
  • Joey Hawker
  • Sister Tangier
  • Sister Quill
  • Tom-G290

Like I've wrote I might not be able to edit my pages, I'm not saying you have to edit my pages just feel free to edit them.

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Sgt D Grif Sgt D Grif 21 May 2012


The following is the transcript of an RP from long, long ago. Feels like it was just yesterday... how do you rule the world?
4:35Danno-048:Without anyone being aware of it... and now that control is being wrestled from my palm. The Light spirits are being revived... and light is being restored.
4:36Alien-king:how did you become the ruler?
4:37Danno-048:One of my subjects summoned me and my army of shadow beings into this world... someone YOU *Blair* know well... Remember that time... at the lake? The disappearance of your friend?
4:41Danno-048:Yes... it is I...
4:43Alien-king:i could help you get your power back that so?
:You have my attention.
4:45Alien-king:well for a bit of coin i coul…

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Danno-048 Danno-048 21 May 2012



I'm somewhat new to this wiki, though I've gotten so far already. If you require my assistance, feel free to post whatever you need help on, and I'll see what I can do.

Have a good day!!


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