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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 25 March 2016

Civil War Filler

Anton hurried to get to the designated area in the Flodstrad Air Base. In his rush, the new recruit to the ADVENT Coalition had only his fatigues, having had no time to check if he was supposed to appear in uniform or in full armor. When he finally arrived, he couldn't tell if he was the only recruit that week or if he was just so late that none of the other recruits were still around. However, a taller ADVENT trooper remained, a sergeant judging by the mark on their shoulder.

"Recruit Anton Davidsen reporting for base security orientation, sergeant!" He stood at attention, but not before double-checking that at least his fatigues were in order.

"Welcome to Flodstrad Air Base!" The sergeant had a gravelly but loud voice, wasting no time. "So…

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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 24 March 2016

Civil War - Part Seven

December 4, 2578

Primary ADVENT Facility, Mandalore

"What are the results?" Kylo Ren stood in front of a large window installed in the facility's above-ground floors. To his right stood a Dame of Ren who had just conducted the analysis of the paramilitary sniper.

"It's very clearly not meant to be a traditional organization." The Dame replied. "Their gear is a cut above the standard Mandalorian equipment. No emblems. No indication of who, exactly, they are."

"And did photos of their dropship give any better results?" Kylo asked.

"No." The Dame shook her head. "There are no emblems, logos, anything of the sort on either the sniper or their dropship. But they're far too well-equipped to be mercenary."

"An underground organization." Kylo guessed. "…

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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 23 March 2016

Civil War - Part Six

December 1, 2578

X-COM Headquarters, Mandalore

"We can't let something like this happen again." Bradford was saying, Dr. Vahlen and other highly-ranked operatives in the room with them. "The mission didn't go well."

"We got the info." Idun reminded him.

"Yes, but we also lost an operative, handing over information of our own to ADVENT." Vahlen cut in.

"Not to mention the complete lack of subtlety." Qrow added disapprovingly. "You guys had time. There were better ways to go about it than rush in and get one of your operatives killed."

"They must have eyes on the inside somehow." Vera spoke up, gaining their attention. "At a facility like that, there should have been six troopers at most. We ended up fighting sixteen, one of them a Captain. Throw …

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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 19 March 2016

Civil War - Part Five

November 31, 2578

ADVENT Facility, Mandalore

Elias stepped out of the ADVENT dropship, followed by the Captain accompanying him before and seven troopers. The supposedly isolated facility wasn't that far from the roadside, though to be fair on the outside it didn't look like anything more than a cluster of warehouses and small work buildings. The troopers moved rapidly to secure a defensive perimeter while another dropship deployed eight more.

"How far away is the activity?" Elias asked the Captain.

"Based on its current speed, their ETA is 30 minutes." The Captain answered, taking a moment to assign patrols of three before turning back to the Baron. "Our scout craft managed to get a rough picture on it, and it doesn't match anything in the st…

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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 19 March 2016

Civil War - Part Four

November 25, 2578 (Four days before Part Three)

Helios, Orb Union

Qrow Branwen sloshed along through the hallways of the Capitol Building, keeping his movement slow so that he didn't strain his drunken body and mind too far. He passed a few staff members that gave him incredulous looks, either from the look of him or the heavy smell of alcohol. Though the employees that had been working at the Building longer didn't pay him much attention, as if it were a common sight by now.

After three simple turns that seemed like a maze, Qrow reached the door that he was fairly sure was the one he was looking for. He tentatively reached out and turned the knob, shoving the door open and walking inside. Slade waited for him, looking angry and uptight as he…

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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 17 March 2016

Civil War - Part Three

Helios, Orb Union

"I'm sorry, Representative Wilson, but after careful consideration I'm afraid that I must deny your request for Vanguard assistance." Commander Deviss of the Galactic Marines sat somberly in front of Slade Wilson in the latter's office.

"Please, you must understand." Slade tried further, even though he was convinced that this would get him nowhere. "Not only will Mandalorian secession destabilize the Union for at least months, but we can't allow terrorists to take control of one of our planets."

"While I can't say I adore their characters, the Knights of Ren have abandoned any signs of terrorism for at least six months now and ADVENT shows no similar signs. If you can convince me otherwise, I will step in to help. As it is, …

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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 17 March 2016

Civil War - Part Two

The leading members of X-COM gathered around the gigantic display screen in the Situation Room, several of the higher-ranking soldiers further away from the engineers and scientists of the project. Central Officer Bradford and Dr. Vahlen were the only ones paying attention to the updates at the moment, though they'd been waiting for a notification from their spokesman for the Council of Nations.

The Council of Nations was rather simply representatives of the Royal Family and other large companies that had put their funding into the X-COM project on Mandalore - given the military history of the colony, they had wanted a way to protect their investments. They would then elect yet another anonymous representative to relay the decisions to the …

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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 14 March 2016

Civil War - Part One

November 20, 2578

2 weeks after the formation of ADVENT

Danielsen dropped a stack of papers on his desk before stretching his arms, rubbing his shoulder before taking a seat at his desk. He turned in his chair to face a red-headed man, well groomed and in Mandalorian royalty clothes, albeit with the new marks of ADVENT, in stark contrast to Danielsen's simple black suit.

"You wanted to speak with me, Viscount?" The head of ADVENT said in an affable tone, pouring two mugs of coffee.

"Yes. Thank you for accepting on such short notice." The young Viscount held the mug up to his lips and took a sip, setting the mug back down.

"Not a problem. To what do I owe the pleasure?" Danielsen asked. His pleasantries would be annoying if they weren't so genui…

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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 7 March 2016


"Thousands of years ago, it was told that the Titans, deities of unfathomable strength, came to fight against the Olympians to declare who would control the Universe."

The staff of X-COM sat quietly around the large television screen, many tapping their feet or drumming their fingers in their anticipation. Many rolled their eyes at the sight of Alvor Danielsen, a pre-war radical who had earned endless snark from the operatives for his ideas and lack of any physical strength. It was a sure bet that he was flanked by scores of Atlas troopers.

"Where's he going with this?" An operative spoke up, to be collectively shushed by everyone else.

Danielsen continued, "This war, the Titanomachy, ended in a sound victory for the Olympians, who immediatel…

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Brandon G.A. Latzig Brandon G.A. Latzig 24 February 2016

Personal PRoject

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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 16 January 2016

New Year's Updates

You know, I've started to realize that Cross has far too much cool stuff for its own good. I propose three new updates for the site to bring it back to mediocre, for no real reason:

1. Remove space battles and navies from Cross

  • As we know, space battles and navies are awesome to have, regardless of how often they're used. I mean, it's only reasonable to have them in a pan-galactic roleplay, right? And we have some memories of fun naval battles and the like. Something like that is way too cool and fun.

2. Remove anything to do with the Star Wars Prequels

  • Love or hate the Star Wars prequels, quite a few good things came from it. Darth Maul, Duel of the Fates, the opening to Revenge of the Sith, and the Clone Wars. The last of which spawned two f…
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Danno-048 Danno-048 24 December 2015


Eyy, for those that control the flow of things going on in Crossover Primeverse

Eventually, after the current arcs are done, I wanna see if I can have another faction aid JSDF in doing something, based a bit off of the Space Battleship Yamato series.

Modifications can be made to incorporate it into our universe. I don't want this thing to be too big, which is why I ask only one faction aid them.

It involves a space-fairing race, the Garmillas, that need to fire radiation bombs at a populated world to terraform it since their world is going to be destroyed soon. This world would belong to the aiding faction, who has the battleship Yamato and some other JSDF navy aid them in fighting against the Garmillas in a small, short-lasting war with only…

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DarkSaiyanMitsubi DarkSaiyanMitsubi 20 December 2015

Me being back permanently

Alright guys, as you know. I graduated from basic almost a month and a half ago and im settled in at my duty station. Meaning, I will be on more and my characters and faction is NO LONGER on lockdown and all adoptions are final. And the characters who have not been adopted are placed back under my ownership. Now, lets get to real business. My faction, Corneria is now active and is finishing up Project OVERLOAD. And I would like to know of any and all operations being conducted in Andromeda so I may either stay neutral, get involved, or bolster my defenses and keep a eye on what happens. All help would be appreciated so I may make my faction more involved. And on a side note, my unit is on PTDO. I could go on deployment at any notice so if …

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Alien-king Alien-king 11 December 2015

Need Users for Roles in Upcoming Stuff

Hiya nerds, as always I have some big stories coming up in the future which involve a bunch of characters, so I thought that to save you guys from watching me talk to myself for half an hour at a time, that maybe you guys will want to control some of them for me. If nobody wants to, or not all the characters are picked up, that's fine since the stories will happen anyway, just expect more of me talking to myself.

The characters I have for people to use are as follows, I'll give more details on characters in chat, just PM and tell me who you are interested in.

  • 1 Gang Members
  • 2 Ninja Clan
  • 3 Chinese Gang
  • 4 Ultratech Employee
  • 5 Alien Generals

  • Street gang leader, a brutal thug with a mind set similar to that of 80's movie villain (lingo and all).
  • Big dumb w…

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Commander Church Commander Church 1 December 2015

Infinity Arc Setup Post II: Midway Setup

Hey guys! Quick set up / reference chart for everyone. at this point in the Infinity Blade Arc, we have multiple individual "1v1" battles that only require two people. Below you wil find a handy dandy list of the pairings and who controls who (revised), so you all know what you can RP at any given time.

Artorias vs Oslim (AK vs Danno)

Siris vs Soulless Ausar (Church vs Marq)

"Hades" vs Therin (Marq vs Church)

Church/Mari vs The Collector (Church vs Marq)

Isa vs Lelindre (Evo vs AK)

Any needed revision will be made as they are noticed / brought up

Leave questions and comments below

See you in the next setup oust, in the final act of the arc!

23:24, December 1, 2015 (UTC)
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Beta Testing


This includes, update videos, links to latest versions, ect. As well as my other projects.

Your anti-virus protection may for some reason misinterpret my game or RPG maker as a virus. This is simply not true and is merely a false positive.

For more insight into this feel free to check out these threads.

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Previously > Click here

I have acquired RPG Maker VX, albeit the trial version since I have no money. I get a 30 day free trial, in these 30 days i'm going to try my hand at making a game.

I've also dropped it being based on crossover as I'd rather be creative and craft my own story.

I'll post some example screenshots when they're ready.

I got the full version of RPG Maker VX Ace!

While I have to scrap all my previous work moving to the full version i've already made up for it don't you worry.

Screenshots when available.

I'll probably upload the game to my dropbox or something when it's done. But this may take days to weeks to even a few months so sit tight.

Please note these screenshots are from a developmental stage and are subject to change.

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random xenoverse pics

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Sgt Stacker117 Sgt Stacker117 16 September 2015

Wikia's doing the thing again

It keeps redirecting me to a shit ton of different wiki chats when I press the chat button, dunno if its just me but it keeps happening.

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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 14 July 2015


Is chat broken for anyone else, or is it just me? Again?

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Alien-king Alien-king 8 July 2015

Free Give Away!!!!!

Welp, I bought the recent Humble Bundle and have a bunch of stuff to give away since I only wanted five things from it (don't worry, still got my moneys worth). So anyway, heres some games and game making programs (plus packs) you guys cane have.

Just message me or PM me in chat and tell me what you want. 

Remnants of Isolation

Last Word

Labyrinthine Dreams

Stencyl: Indie Edition 1-Year License

90% off RPG Maker 2000

90% off RPG Maker 2003

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DarkSaiyanMitsubi DarkSaiyanMitsubi 14 June 2015

Me leaving for Basic Training and the details on my stuff

Hi guys, as most of you know. I am leaving for the Army on Monday. June 15th, 2015. And I will NOT be on at all until atleast October maybe November. And after that, I will barely be on. So, I will prepare a list showing what characters will be under lockdown, meaning they are not to be harmed. And which are not.

  • Roku
  • Violet
  • Emi
  • Scorpiok
  • Obsidian
  • Zander
  • Fox McCloud
  • Carter Hall
  • All pages having to deal with Corneria and their military. Meaning my entire faction is under lockdown and no one is able to harm it. My faction is remaining neutral in the current affairs until further notice by me ONLY
  • The Inquistor - Falls under the Corneria rule from above
  • Shirai Ryu Ninja's
  • Brendon


Sav Fel

Geralt, The White Wolf

Any characters of mine that are not listed…

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Victor288 Victor288 14 May 2015

Chat down?

Is Chat down for anyone else?

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Alien-king Alien-king 22 April 2015

Mutanimals RP Set Up Thing (totally not copying Church)

Heeeeyy guys.

I need some help. See I have this RP I've been working on and I realized recently that I have no idea how I'm going to do it by myself. So instead of going around individually and asking if you want to be in it, I've made a post so you can.

  • 1 Plot Summary
  • 2 Characters
    • 2.1 Dimension X
    • 2.2 Ultratech
    • 2.3 Mutanimals
  • 3 Character Gallery

Due to a handy dandy Incursion, the chemical known as Retromutagen Ooze (Mutagen for short) has come into Primeverse from Dimension X. The chemical is capable of mutating an individual drastically (normally mutating them with the last living organism they came into contact with) giving any creature that is exposed to mutagen will rapidly increase in size, strength and intelligence (sometimes), and even gain supe…

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Okay so I've decided i'm dropping certain characters. if you want them you can find em here.


The category isn't just for me by the way, feel free to add any characters that lack owners to it.

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Nevermind apparently this was already done before, move along. if someone could delete this that'd be lovely.

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Commander Church Commander Church 22 March 2015

Infinity Arc Setup Post I

Hey Hey Hey!

Are you sick of those immortals ruining your day? Are you looking to BE an immortal for a period of time?

Well all your answers lie here in the Infinity Arc, coming soon to a CrossoverRP near you!

This arc is heavily based on the Infinity Blade trilogy of mobile games, and if you are not aware of the lower, I havesome useful links right here to summarize it enough for this arc to make sense --> for specifics and research, and for an...extremely basic...lore summary. feel free to look up anything mentioned in that video in the wiki link provided. I will also note that the video only overs Infinity Blade I and II, not Infinity Blade 3. This is actually good,…

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DarkSaiyanMitsubi DarkSaiyanMitsubi 7 March 2015

Proposal for a new Universe

Hi guys, I am planning a new universe for us to RP in. Its still in the making but before i continue with the planning I want to know if anyone would want to use it. Its a midevil universe where we will combine all the midevil kingdoms into a singular timeline. You name it, samuari warriors, Greek warriors from BC, Russian Czars, English Knights and kingdoms, even Native American Indians and early 1000's muslim kingdoms. I am trying to put them all into 1 timeline. But considering how these cultures span over a massive time period differance, I am working on a legit way to cause them all to coincide. But now I ask YOU. Would you want to participate in this? You dnot have to control a kingdom if you dont want to, you can have a small guild …

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Noah the Dragonborn Noah the Dragonborn 19 January 2015

Please Read This!!!!

Hello, this is the REAL Noah Seal. Some mother fucker hacked my wikia account. I dont know what happened, but this does explain why i couldnt log into wikia for a while. If you ever see someone on Wikia acting like me, you have to ask them, "What is your favorite anime?" If you have read another blog post, you know the answer. Please try to lift my ban. I honestly don't know what all happened except for blog post. I don't know who did this either, but I have a good guess. Like I said, please try to lift my ban.

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Noah the Dragonborn Noah the Dragonborn 10 January 2015

The Truth

I need to tell everyone the truth. I am not 14. Im 11. Everything ive told yoy disregarding my age was true, but I wanted to join wikia so I could meet new people. I told a select few this before, but I'm going to make is public today. In about 1 year I will return as a 13 year old, and I am going to be a completely new person. If you wish to contact me, my email address is

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Noah the Dragonborn Noah the Dragonborn 4 January 2015

The Bipolar Life

I'm here to tell anyone who's willing to listen a little story about Winter Break, 2014-15. My parents took my sisters, Rachel and Bella, to New Orleans. While we were there, we got a hotel room called the Brent House. I usually enjoy vacations, but this is where it gets sad. On December 26th, I got a text from a so-called "friend", and it said " Hey douchebag. Hope you enjoyed your winter break, because it will be the last time your happy." I didn't completely understand, but I was pretty sure he meant that he started a rumor about me again, or he made up a lie to my crush. Whatever happened, it would really be the last day I was happy. The rest of the week was slow, and so wws the first half of the second. But on Saturday, January 3rd, m…

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Alien-king Alien-king 28 December 2014

CrossOver Wiki Races - A Complete List

A complete list of races on Cross. Mainly just kept to sentient races (didn't feel like listed a bunch of animals ) Some are most likely missing so please tell me if there are and i'll try to update when new races are introduced.

  • 1 Primverse
    • 1.1 MilkyWay
    • 1.2 Andromeda
    • 1.3 Unknown
  • 2 Skyverse
  • 3 Juliverse
  • 4 Unknown

  • Humans
  • Vampires
  • Lycanthropes
  • Cyborgs
  • Witches
  • Artifical Humans
  • Sangheili
  • Jiralhanae
  • Unggoy
  • Kig-Yar
  • San'Shyuum
  • Lekgolo/Mgalekgolo
  • Yanme'e
  • Huragok
  • Yautja
  • Xenomorphs
  • Arachnids
  • Vorcha
  • Dragons
  • Krogans
  • Geth
  • Faunus
  • Forerunner - extinct
  • Flood
  • Demon Weapons
  • Turians
  • Ghouls

  • Necris
  • Volm
  • Salerians
  • Baterians
  • Asari
  • Saiyans - extinct

  • Space Pirate
  • Gidranth's species
  • Flora Colossus
  • Chitauri
  • Ancients
  • Asgards
  • Trolls
  • Cybertronian

  • Human
  • Gods
  • Lesser Gods
  • Demi-Gods
  • Demons
  • Bird Humans - Near extinct
  • Dragons
  • Artifcial S…

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Commander Church Commander Church 25 December 2014

Marry Chrostmas

Marry Chrostmas eveyrone?!

If you don't celebrate Chrostmas, then Merry Christmas!

No Christmas either? Happy Holiday Season!

I felt like making a nice post for all to see from my blog, instead of the age old crap about being grounded; who likes that stuff, am I right?

16:36, December 25, 2014 (UTC)
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Danno-048 Danno-048 14 October 2014


Hey all

So it's been incredibly difficult for me to appear on chat at all, let alone roleplay, recently. I apologize for all the problems this may be causing as I miss you all and wish to roleplay things as well.

So here is a list of some of the roleplays that I know I've been doing the rare times I come on. For those involved, leave a reply as to how you'd like to continue on with it and if we can come up with a way to do it:

  • JSDF Campaign: For multiple factions including Exon, UCR, UNSC, Orb, CMF, and others, as this will span the eastern half of the galaxy and attempt (but won't penetrate) the other half. Likened to the expansion of the Japanese Empire during WWII. Currently still doing the first actual battle against Orb using recycled ol…

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Arishok Frieza Arishok Frieza 15 August 2014

Power outage(More so power transformer change) Power will be out for at least 3 hours possible more

Until then I shall see you when I return(whenever I returned)

[[User:Arishok Frieza|

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Freelancer Tucker Freelancer Tucker 12 August 2014

AU Stories: Zombies

Author's Note: Hey guys, this is just a random idea I've been wanting to write down. It's a bit unedited and gritty, but I think it's pretty readable. I'm not sure weather to continue on with Survivor!Evo or just leave this as a one-shot. Either way, hope you guys enjoy! (P.S: Trigger Warnings for those sensitive to character deaths and descriptions of gore/blood.)

Nobody knew where it came from.

The infection had started on the outer colonies. Stories would begin to spread of entire populations disappearing overnight- that's all they were though: just stories.

Then Eden happened.

Kaiju had decimated much of the once prospering colony, its people were resilient but unprepared for the new horror they would soon be subjected to. A sickness that o…

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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 1 August 2014

That'd be ggrreeaaattt

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The Real KYR SP33DY The Real KYR SP33DY 25 July 2014

New idea for a RP!

Hey again, it's me! I have a really cool idea for an RP! It's a Saints Row/Crossoverrp Wiki idea, where the plot of Saints Row 4 is intrupted and we're all sucked through a wormhole, fullfilling the duties I'll be giving you, if you want to be in it, just contact me or message through PM, and Ill get back to you, and, have a nice day.

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Commander Church Commander Church 24 July 2014

Won't Be On

Hey Guys,

Starting tomorrow I'm getting all my stuff (ALL) taken away because I have yet to contiue my summer reading. While I did finish one book, I still have a larger, 300-page one to read. I won't be getting anything back until it is finished, and taking a break between books is apparently not acceptable. So don't expect to see for...a long while. I don't feel like reading a 300 page book in a couple days. I'll read it at a comfortable pace.

Don't screw around with my faction (Evo, Stacks, AK).

Oh and of course nobody is on chat today for me to tell them.


21:21, July 24, 2014 (UTC)
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Arishok Frieza Arishok Frieza 5 June 2014

Average Gaming Sessions by Arishok Frieza No. 3

Even after playing every single The Sims game up till now.. I still don't get wtf the shit they be talkin' about! 

And yeah that is a Sims clone of Shinobu Sensui from Yu Yu Hakusho. 

[[User:Arishok Frieza|

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Arishok Frieza Arishok Frieza 30 May 2014

Average Gaming Sessions by Arishok Frieza No. 2

I tried too had to avoid to kill this thing and still.. died. -_-

[[User:Arishok Frieza|

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Arishok Frieza Arishok Frieza 29 May 2014

Average Gaming Sessions by Arishok Frieza

Yeah when life sucks.. you can suck even hard in game:


[[User:Arishok Frieza|

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A Possible Game Based on Crossover

Okay guys I've been toying with the idea of creating a game based on us our wiki and characters, I plan to eventually obtain RPG maker (whatever version is best) and create a RPG based on our wiki's story.

It may take awhile but it will come someday I will get RPG Maker and begin work but here's the thing i don't want to make a game that nobody will like so I would like some input from you guys, specifically areas characters (whose the main?) story and MAYBE gameplay elements but i'm gonna try to stick to RPG. (people have made things that weren't RPGs in RPGMaker but I assume that would take alot of work and know-how.) so yeah if you would please I would like input on this game you have plenty of months to give me input for what you want t…

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Freelancer Tucker Freelancer Tucker 24 May 2014

Darkside Interlude 1

Author's Note: So, I've decided to delve into the backgrounds of some of the characters more, starting with the new RL. Hopefully, this doesn't have too many errors in it as I haven't edited that much yet.


RL was a pilot.

He was a lot more than that to be honest, but it was more simpler to just condense it to that one sentence. He liked it that way, no need for any extra worries or introductions. Just four words and you knew everything you needed to know about the man.

Of course he wasn’t as two dimensional as that made him seem, he had his quirks (He loved to play the drums) and his vices, there was also the matter of his past; Something in which he tried very hard to avoid. Inst…

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Danno-048 Danno-048 16 May 2014

The World Ends, Godzilla Begins


"I want to talk to somebody in charge! You're not fooling anyone when you say that what happened was a 'Natural Disaster'... you're lying! It was Not an Earthquake, it Wasn't a Typhoon.... because what's Really happening is that you're Hiding something! And it's going to send us back to the Stone Age!"

"In 1954... we awakened something.."

"Those Nuclear tests? Not tests..."

"They were trying to kill it..."

"The arrogance of man is thinking that Nature is in our control, and not the other way around."

"You have no idea what's coming!"

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The Real KYR SP33DY The Real KYR SP33DY 15 May 2014

Returning and a few other things

Hello everybody, SP33DY here and today I have a few annoucements for the upcoming summer:

1. I will be returning to Wikia full-time during the summer, so I will be available for any important RPs and whatnot.

2. I will also be helping a friend run his gaming YouTube channel, so that also will be full-time and he and I will transverse, so I will do a few commentaries and he will do the same.

3. I am also getting a new laptop for my birthday, so I don't have to keep using this piece of living computer trash that cannot move!!!! >:D

You have any thoughts on this or about me, please comment below or message me and I will see y'all later.

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Freelancer Tucker Freelancer Tucker 1 May 2014

Darkside Chapter 5: Stand Back Up

The hallway wasn’t very hard to navigate, nothing like the labyrinth he was expecting. The walls and roof where the made of the same material as the rooms. Every which way he stared there was nothing but dull grey staring back. It vaguely irritated Seraph, he made a mental note to torch this place to the ground when he got out.

The one other thing he noticed was the abundance of rooms. He groaned at the thought of having to search every one of them. Luckily, most if not all of them were locked. There appeared to be more people here than he first thought, no one went in or came out of them however. Any other man would take that as a disturbing implication, Seraph simply shrugged at the thought. Less people to annoy him. He continued to walk,…

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DarkSaiyanMitsubi DarkSaiyanMitsubi 1 April 2014

Laptop is out

My laptop crashed, so until then I am away from wikia. So Danno, we have to hold off on our Naruto Arc. But it should be fixed soon. Ive been wanting to make a certian character and its bugging me >>

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Alien-king Alien-king 31 March 2014

The Melancholy of Marquis-B589

Users in picture: (from left to right) Sgt D Grif, Yoko Littner, Marquis-B589, Evodvi, Vidmas7er.

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Danno-048 Danno-048 26 March 2014

Akatsuki Drawing

Hey guys, this is a drawing I just recently made. What do you think?

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