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Alien-king Alien-king 22 July 2017

Tales from Purgatory: Staff Interview 052823

Staff Interview #052823

Dr. Hugo Strange - Officer Aaron Cash

June 23rd 2580 - 7:39 AM

[Tape click]

Dr. Strange: Welcome, Officer Cash.

Cash: Yeah, hey Doctor, is this gonna be long? I got work I need to d-

Dr. Strange: Standard procedure Officer, this will take as long as needed... [Paper Shuffling] Now, I take it that you are feeling well?

Cash: Yo- [scoffs] You’re kiddin’ right? This fucking cla-.

Dr. Strange: No need for vulgarity, officer.

Cash: [Audible sigh and 5 seconds of silence] Yes doctor, I’m good, aside from the obvious. [Loud clunk as Cash places his prosthetic hand on the table]

Dr Strange: Good, good, after what you went through I fear for your mental health. [Paper shuffling] Now, could you please tell me the details of the incident that happene…

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Alien-king Alien-king 20 July 2017

The Universal Tournament - Fighters Needed

As most of you know, we are doing a story arc that involves multiple universe battling in a tournament. However, we of course need alternate universe fighters.

Though we need a lot of character, not all of them will be fighters. Meaning, a lot will either be defeated off screen or simply used to lose to another character to show them off. Keep that in mind before you put too much detail into a character. If you want one of your character shown off, let me know and I'll make sure we show their fight.

If you have a character idea either tell me on Discord, when I'm on chat or leave a comment on this blog post.

Universe 1 (Prime)

  • Kincaid
  • Natsumi
  • Eli
  • Stacker
  • Toki
  • Black Racer
  • Dirge
  • Gil
  • Wei Ning
  • Thel
  • Carmen/Berserker
  • Lucy
  • Roku
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Danthrall

Universe 2 (…

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Dr Frostbite228 Dr Frostbite228 29 May 2017

RP synopsis

So, unfortunately I've been either busy or playing Xbox the past couple weeks and haven't been on chat very much. I never knew much about the current setting to begin with, and I'd like to ask for anyone to help bring me up to speed on what's happening right now.

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The Real KYR SP33DY The Real KYR SP33DY 8 March 2017


The cool, crisp snip of the first snowflake on Ava's bedroom window brought a feeling of joy and happiness to the Enhanced's face. The snow soon came down hard and her phone started to ring. "Hey kid, you're lucky, no school for ya," came Daisy's voice. "You got the entire weekend started, now how are you gonna spend it?" 

Immediately, Ava texted Wanda. hey gurl, what u up to tonite? 

nothing, probably catch a movie w/ pietro, why? ​ Wanda was always one to use proper grammar skills while texting, except capitalization. 

why dont u and i hit up a club l8r tonite? 

sure, that sounds fun. :) 

The two continued to exchange responses until it was determined that Ava would pick up Wanda at 9 at night. Luckily, Ava had conjured two fake I.D.s. All tha…

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DarkSaiyanMitsubi DarkSaiyanMitsubi 3 February 2017

Regarding my deployment

As you all know, I am deploying at the end of Febuary. So, with that being that I will not be on till late November at the latest. I am placing a few key pages of mine on lockdown as I wil not be here to RP with them nor protect them from stupid shit. Also, I am highlighting a few key things that will (hopefully) happen while i am gone. First and foremost, Corneria. Corneria is by all rights, Exon property now and they can have what ever is left of that civilization. I wanna stick to small time factions and characters anyways. A big faction was just a bad idea. Also, regarding the Midieval Universe. When that finally sets off. I will now make it public that I will be creating  a Witcher school in the North Eastern part of the world map. Al…

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Danno-048 Danno-048 2 February 2017

Dark Resurrection

Korriban, the once great center of the Ancient Sith Empire, which sought to claim the Galaxy as its own; once the place where Dark Lords convened and plotted their vengeance against the Forerunners.

Korriban, now a cold, dark tomb.



Empty. Void. Senseless. But, beyond all else, only one feeling, and one feeling alone.


Pain.... so much pain...

The soil stirred, shifting, as if trying hard to hold back a terrible catastrophe from rising once more.

Thoughts. Desires. Faint, distant memories that seemed to not belong. Questions. Did he awake for answers? There were none.

Everything hurts... every chunk, every cell....

Dust was kicked up during a small movement of the dirt, picked up by a swift breeze which carried away a tiny clo…

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Danno-048 Danno-048 16 January 2017

The Lord of Betrayal

Korriban, Dreshdae

97,445 BCE

Home of the Ancient Sith Order, Korriban was a world teeming with the Darkness of the Force. Many powerful beings would rise and learn of its strength here; a handful would even rise to great fame and legend, striking fear into those that faced them.

The only things that could properly challenge their might were two great foes: The Forerunner Empire, and the old Order that used the opposite of the Sith's power; the power of the Light of the Force. For a time, the Sith would vie for power, facing both opponents with terrific ferocity.

That is, until the day of cleansing occurred.

A great light consumed the galaxy in its entirety, and with it the echoes of all life; a light shined from colossal Rings built by the For…

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The Real KYR SP33DY The Real KYR SP33DY 29 December 2016


A few weeks later

Things were finally shifting into place for Ava, not only did she not feel so awkward anymore, but all the students heard about the incident. This left Wanda in a state of severe depression where she couldn't cope with her feelings, which her room faced the most punishment. Pictures torn, marks and scratches formed on the walls, and her bed on another side of the room. Something had to be done to help Wanda with her feelings.

"Hey, wanda, you aight?" Ava texted. She knew something was up when she didn't show up for school three days in a row only for her to return in a shitty state of unrest.

No text came, then..

"Whatever it is that you want, I don't care." Wanda responded, her bedroom now somewhat repaired, for the most par…

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The Real KYR SP33DY The Real KYR SP33DY 25 December 2016

Hearts Collide

Bzzt. Bzzt. Bzzt. "Alright, alright, I hear you, phone, just shuuuut up," The redhead groggily groaned. Bzzt. Bzzt. She grabbed it and pressed ignore. Bzzt. Bzzt. She grabbed it a second time and hit answer. "You better have a good fucking reason for calling me at 6:30 in the goddamn morning," the redhead expressed irritatingly. "Well, it is your first day of school, fuckup," the voice on the line replied teasingly. "Oh fuck you, Daisy. Dude, lemme sleep for another 30 minutes," the redhead pleaded. "As your handler, Ava, it's my call to wake you up at 6:30 during the weekdays," Daisy responded, painting her nails. "Honestly, the weekends are your 'get-out-of-jail' card, missy." "Ughhh, thanks mom," Ava said, then hung up. "Oh, you killed …

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The Real KYR SP33DY The Real KYR SP33DY 21 December 2016

A Very (Secret) Merry Christmas

"Fa, la, la, la.." the chorus plays softly as Daisy sips on her hot coco, watching Skye and Yo-Yo decorate the Christmas tree. "Wow, girls, the tree looks amazing!" Sam says, drinking eggnog."Well, Daisy is making us do all the hard work while she sits on her ass and drink coco," Skye remarks. "I'm... working on this coco," Daisy stammers. "Guys, we got a problem," Yo-Yo quips, pointing to the TV. Sam pulls it closer to them.

"...And authorities still don't have any idea how the Orb National Bank was frozen. Witnesses reported seeing a van collide into the front doors, followed by 10 men ushering the civilians inside to get on the ground. One source com- hold on," the reporter turns around and points to the top of the bank, where a man in c…

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Commander Church Commander Church 20 December 2016

Eli and Sola are in charge

computer is acting up so I won't be on for a while, mobile version isn't worth it.

and I'm not DSM, so nobody touch my shit. or I'll never play WoWS or Warthunder or Discord with you ever again *stares at Stacker and Evo*

also Eli and sola are in charge. babies!

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The Real KYR SP33DY The Real KYR SP33DY 8 December 2016

Castle - Part 4

Welcome to a peaceful, non-waring universe with your kind not interfering with anything, Natalia. "What, heroes?" Yes... Hey, isn't that Thor's hammer over there? "Sure...?" Let's test if you're worthy. Natasha walked towards Mjolnir and tried to lift it, but it doesn't budge at all. Since this place is peaceful, it does not see you worthy. However... try it again. Natasha noticed the scenery had changed: now barren and hellish, hordes of the dead rushing towards them. She grabbed the handle again to move it, now the powers of Thor channeled through her and her outfit changed (see link) She slammed Mjolnir into the ground, splitting the earth in front of them. The hordes were thrown off track and fell into the split…

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The Real KYR SP33DY The Real KYR SP33DY 7 December 2016

Gasoline - Part 3

Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. People don't need heroes to protect them, you are merely an insect to them, you need to set them ablaze in fire and brimstone. Just kill. Kill. Kill. Kill the people, Natalia, kill them and enjoy the rush. "Stop." No, that's what you want, Natalia. I want blood on your hands. Innocent blood on your monsterous hands. Show the universe your real side, not this fake facade you put on. "You're gonna regret this." No, I'm merely starting a revolution, Natalia, and you are my pawn.

Hell is a real place, I tell you. The demons are in all of us, they feast on your misdeeds and past, leaving a former shell of a human being in its place. The soul is corrupted and molds over a century of torture and guilt. I have seen thi…

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The Real KYR SP33DY The Real KYR SP33DY 7 December 2016

Control - Part 2

As she slipped in and out of consciousness, Natasha heard and saw brief flashes of the back of an ambulance, being wheeled into a hospital, people yelling and looking at her bloodied body, and finally in a operating room... and yet she kept seeing the same figure each time that nobody else noticed: tall, dark clothing, demonic. She wanted to scream and break free, only to find her mouth sewn up and scratches at it, tears down her cheeks and the tall figure snatches her up and opens a portal to hell. "Next stop... Hell." The demon told Natasha and threw her in the portal, sending her floating through the air at high speeds. Down below her, a pool of lava awaited. She tried her best to avoid it but crashed hard, m…

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The Real KYR SP33DY The Real KYR SP33DY 6 December 2016

Death of the Widow - Part 1

Soft classical music played as Natasha laid back in her seat and nodded her head to the music that soothed her. She drank her wine and rubbed her head, she needed sleep due to being awake the past three nights, worrying about something she saw on the news networks. She hears a knock at her door to her apartment and she gets up to answer the door. "Hey, I'm sorry, but this a ba..." her voice trails off. "Bucky..?" In a heat of muzzle flash, Natasha's life flashes before her eyes: her birth, the Red Room, the friendships and enemies she made and created, her team, her lover. And it was gone in a single trigger pull. The thud she made was enough to knock her out and as she laid there, she started to remember one thing in her head: Never. Give…

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The Real KYR SP33DY The Real KYR SP33DY 2 December 2016

Feelings (Dark Horse) - Part 4

Halloween was a fucking bust, how about we try and stop an arms trade from going through? Skye thought to herself as she stood and watched four armored cars enter a rundown shipping dock, complete with armed guards and snipers. Skye maneuvers her way down towards the building, taking out the snipers. She attaches a grappling hook to her belt and slowly lowers down towards the front, above two guards talking. "Hey fellas," Skye remarks, freaking out both the guards and knocks both out with her baton.

On the inside, 8 people stand guard as one man, in common street thug attire, and a woman, with a hoodie and black leggings. Skye watches the deal go down from a shelf high in the building. "Listen, lady, I didn't go through all of this shit jus…

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The Real KYR SP33DY The Real KYR SP33DY 1 December 2016

Feelings (A Hero Within) - Part 3

2 weeks she said, don't have to worry she said, I'm the leader of an Enhanced team now she said, Skye wondered as she laid in an empty bed, no Nat next to her and clutched the sheets as she tried to get her off her mind. Even though it was no use, Skye knew Natasha would be able to handle her new team, for Ami sake she was the fucking Black Widow. She told Nat she would watch her apartment for her, it was the least she could do for her.

After getting out of the bed and getting dressed, Skye looked at herself in the mirror and saw clippers and blonde hair dye next to the sink. Well, it would be nice to freshen up a little... Skye spent the next hour sprucing herself up into long, yet short blonde hair. Hey there, good looking... Skye looked …

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The Real KYR SP33DY The Real KYR SP33DY 30 November 2016

Feelings - Part 2

Early, it's too damn early... What could she possibly be making..? Natasha pondered this as she heard rattling and a machine of some kind in the next room and one thing was certain: Skye was making her something. 

"Moya Lyubov', what are you doing up at 7:23 in the fucking morning...?" Natasha asked, yawning and rubbing her eyes like a child. "Babe, it's important that you don't interrupt me while I'm working, now, could you be a dear and make breakfast?" Skye responded quickly. Nat, with a shocked expression on her face, walked away from the door, angrily muttering in Russian. Making breakfast for her "queen" took some time and effort, but after 45 minutes of preparing the meal, Nat brought it back upstairs and knoc…

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The Real KYR SP33DY The Real KYR SP33DY 27 November 2016

Feelings - Part One

Eleven long months it had been since she first met the woman that promised to protect her above all else. Skye figured it was a joke until she kept seeing and hearing the name Black Widow. She remembered it was something that she said, "some people call me a black widow", and now she uncrumbled the sticky note that was written with red lipstick the phone number to the one who she knew that could answer her questions.

"Pick up, pick up, pick up.." Skye should've figured that she wasn't gonna pick up.  Then as an answered prayer, "Agent Romanova speaking." "Nat, it's me, Skye, I really need to see you," her heart was jumping with glee to hear her voice once again. The agent pauses, "Oh, so you finally decide to give me a call? I was wondering…

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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 8 November 2016

Flashpoint - Paradox

NOTE: Sorry that this is such a short chapter for such a long wait between them. I'm going to work on this next chapter.

December 13th, 2586

Olofat, Helios

Wally groaned as the alarm clock on his bedside began to drone a low-pitched whooping alarm from one of his favorite films. He tried to reach for it from where he was, but it only grew louder as he failed to turn it off. He facepalmed as he remembered, as he did each morning, that Artemis put the alarm just out of his reach to get him on his feet each morning.

Throwing aside the blanket onto the empty other half of the bed, Wally sat up and rubbed his eyes, looking to the snowy weather just out the window. The Christmas tree from his parents sat in the corner like it did every year, though …

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Alien-king Alien-king 7 November 2016

Dog Days in Eden - Chapter 1: Hard News

The clock turned on, the mere seconds between its movements felt like hours, the ticking adding to the dull and lifeless atmosphere of the veterinary clinic. The coldness of the room was apparent, from its large metal table to the neatly arranged mechanically instruments lining its side. Normally, these details would be lost of him, left unnoticed during any regular trip, however this was not an ordinary check up.

Alien found himself lost in thought, an act not unheard of for him, his mind would often fill with odd and marvelous ideas, a quirk that was needed for his old life. However, now, the last thing he could think of was a new invention, all he wanted to really do was drown out the voice of the vet, and the news she was telling him.


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Alien-king Alien-king 5 November 2016

The Conversationalist - Chapter 1: The Professional

The unending dreary droll of the elevators incessant humming has finally taken its toll on its passenger after 20 straight minutes of travel, he needs to find something to occupy his time out of fear that he will go mad before even starting his first day of work. He soon starts rummaging in his satchel and pulls out the first piece of reading material he can find, his job description.

The very formal looking piece of paper seems very high class, despite how outdated the act of writing on paper has become in the last 20 years, it even has the UEG’s official seal of authenticity. As he starts to read it, he finds himself feeling nostalgic, remembering how ecstatic he was when it first arrived.

For most, being accepted into the UEG’s expansive…

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Alien-king Alien-king 16 October 2016

2 Year Time Skip Vote

So after the death of Church, several of us pondered the idea of a time skip for story purposes. But of course, it wouldn't be right to do this without asking everyone else, so we are making a vote.

This time skip, if voted for, would only be 2 years forward. Not a large amount of time, but enough that people would need to think about what their characters or factions did during that time.

P.S. Fuck you Marq, you lazy birb.

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Victor288 Victor288 14 October 2016

Going away for a little.

Hey guys, starting tomorrow i'll be going away for a little while to the Dominican Republic due to some stuff going on with my family over there. I don't know when exactly i'll be back, but i estimate in about a week's time or so. Just giving you guys the heads up in case Evo goes "Where is that dumb birb?" or something along the lines. I don't know if my phone will work over there, but i will leave my number just in case i do manage to get signal down there.


Also, no plotting to get to Andromeda while i'm gone. Stay safe guys.

- Marq.

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The Real KYR SP33DY The Real KYR SP33DY 10 October 2016

Update! -Health and other stuff!

Hey guys, Speedy here, and I wanna talk about something that recently hit me hard. 

So about two months ago, I suffered a leg injury and had to be in a wheelchair for a month. Everything about that is all good, but that's not what I wanted to talk about.

Three weeks ago, I was getting a routine checkup and everything was going well, I was on the way out when I was told to stay and see the doctor for something. Well, she told me that I was diagnosed with being mentally ill. 

I was in shock and told her that it must have been a mistake. It wasn't. I felt like I had to get this off my chest, but these problems I'm facing have not been around since college, but yeah.

I'm currently visiting a therapist weekly for this, but please do not say that I …

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DarkSaiyanMitsubi DarkSaiyanMitsubi 20 September 2016

Possible new universes

If I was to create a new universe, specifcally a Fallout or Elder Scrolls universe. Would anyone be interested in joining and contributing? I think it would be a fun thing to do for when we arent doing any main verse roleplays

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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 5 September 2016

Flashpoint - Prologue

MAJOR NOTE; Wally West is 22 years old by May 2585. He retains the moniker "Kid Flash" due to Barry Allen still being active.

December 12, 2586

Olofat, Helios

The evening was eerily silent, snow falling and settling onto the street, sidewalk and grass of Harrison Park. The cold had ushered everybody indoors, though the Christmas lights were still twinkling brightly, illuminating the area. Only occasionally did somebody walk along, hurrying to get home from a late-night shift.

The tranquility was decidedly interrupted by the repeated crack! of two speedsters slamming into each other.

Wally West skidded to a halt in the snow, stopping in a three-point stance to balance himself before he stood back up, eye-to-eye with Hunter Zolomon, who had already …

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The Real KYR SP33DY The Real KYR SP33DY 10 August 2016

Burden - Part One

Darkness, all I see is it: The same dream. Beaten. Broken. Repair. Reinvent. It's bullshit. I can't breathe, darkness. It feeds on me, darkness, I struggle to get free. It tears me down, darkness... Darkness is my friend, my enemy, my savior. I'm consumed by the darkness. 

I hear the door open, interrupting my thoughts. "Remove her blindfold," I hear an older gentleman say. Some shuffling follows before I can finally see, my hands tied to the back of this cold chair. I realize where I am. Hell. "Ah, how are you today, Ms. Belova?" The older man sarcastically asked me. Just peachy. I answer back sarcastically, trying to get my bearings on this small cold damp room. Back for more snarky comments from yours truly? I smile blankly. He accommodat…

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Danno-048 Danno-048 8 August 2016

Temporary Leave

Hey Guys! Danno here with a very special announcement!

I'm gonna be going away for a little while. Why? Because I made some kind of promise to the Air Force that I'd be a part of them, nothing in blood.... or anything.... wait.... O_O


I just wanted to let you guys know so that you wouldn't be confused, you'll already be sad and lonely enough with me gone for a little while.

But do not worry! I will be returning as soon as I get everything set up in wherever I end up living, with internets and everything ^_^ as much free time as I can get (Which, it's the United States, so some is guaranteed, and Air Force, so I won't really be doing much anyway, and Security Forces hopefully, which means probably more laziness maybe not I could be under…

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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 31 May 2016

The Division - Part Four

August 13, 2582

AKO Finalizer, Orb Union Space

Svea quietly walked through the hallways of Finalizer, making her way to the nearest hangar containing a shuttle. Over her shoulder was a small gray bag containing a few personal belongings, and on her belt were her dual Varja. The sight of a Dame of Ren so combat-ready while the ship was under practical lockdown happened to draw a great deal of attention, but Svea kept her pace, as running would alert them for sure.

The Baroness made a sharp turn at the door to the hangar past a pair of TIE pilots, striding over to the nearest Upsilon-class shuttle. Four ADVENT troopers were guarding it, and two stepped forward.

"Apologies, Baroness." One of them said. "Nobody's allowed to leave without proper au…

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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 30 May 2016

The Division - Part Three

August 13, 2582

AKO Finalizer, Orb Union Space

"You seem a bit on edge, Mr. Wilson."

Slade was snapped out of his thoughts on the observation deck when he noticed the red-clad Captain Gardner approaching and taking a seat next to the Chief Representative.

"Yes, it's hard not to be when the ADVENT Coalition is making my job so difficult." Slade almost snapped, not in the mood to deal with Danielsen's boy scout.

"Care to elaborate?" Gardner asked, leaning back in his chair.

Slade frowned. "I trust Danielsen and how he's dealing with this mutual problem of ours. That said, ADVENT has been causing me problems from the very beginning with the Civil War. We were making good progress, improving the lives of children all across the Orb Union. Then you a…

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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 26 May 2016

Hold the Context

Will undergo rewriting when I'm not tired.

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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 22 May 2016

The Division - Part Two

August 12, 2582

AKO Finalizer, Orb Union Space

Alvor Danielsen strode into Finalizer's conference room, followed by Captain Viktor Gardner. Slade Wilson was close behind him, holding a folder and followed by Commander Deviss, Winter Schnee, and Qrow Branwen. Many Knights of Ren respectfully stood up once these figures entered the room, but Danielsen quickly gestured for them to remain seated as he approached the table and was handed the folder that Slade held.

"Knights of Ren, I'd like to thank you for hearing us out." Danielsen started, nodding to the group gathered on the other side of the table. "And allowing Chief Representative Wilson and Commander Deviss here."

"Yeah, but what's Branwen doing here?" Aron asked, earning some murmurs of agre…

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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 22 May 2016

The Division - Part One

August 10, 2582

AKO Finalizer, Orb Union Space

Finalizer drifted slowly through space, its lights blinking against the starry and nebulae-draped background. Outside, it seemed so peaceful, deadly as it was to human life. Of course, Kylo Ren just wished that were the case inside the ship, where the Knights that had previously been a tightly-knit group were in a loud shouting match.

"You had no problems attacking the temple before Danielsen lost it!" Svea Ren slammed a fist against the table, her face red from so much shouting.

"Nor do I now!" Kylo shot back. "But do you honestly think that staying on this path is a good idea when you're potentially going up against the most powerful men in the sector?"

"None of this would have happened if we'd ju…

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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 16 May 2016


97,445 BCE

Dreshdae, Korriban

Nihilus slowly made his way out from underneath the chunks of rubble that had fallen upon him, shakily positioning himself onto one knee and trying to stay up as he looked out at his home. Or what had once been his home. He had no idea what had caused such destruction, when what felt like moments before it had been a more intact, if still abandoned, site of a Sith Temple.

Looking down to himself, Nihilus was shocked at the state that his body was now in. It was still intact, but when he looked closely it seemed like he was made solely of ash and black fog. And he didn't feel quite the same - he almost felt detached from reality, like he wasn't really there.

With this in mind, he attempted to stand onto his feet, f…

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Freelancer Tucker Freelancer Tucker 9 May 2016

Issues Part One

January 19th, 2572, Eden

The problem with family reunions, Zee realized, as he coughed up the fine mist of what was once asphalt and the night wind bit into his exposed face, was that the could happen in the most inconvenient places.

He grinned at the man known as X, even as his almost-father threw his nice warm Cineris-silk mask aside like a piece of trash. “That was a gift, Jayson.”

“So, you’re the one playing hero in the streets?” X raked his dead eyes over him as if he was studying a troublesome puzzle, trying to correlate just where he had gone wrong in his planning; how this petulant punk could turn against him for platitudes and a ‘false family’ ; enumerating every detail of the dirty young face that he had saved from the streets; befo…

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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 8 May 2016


December 20, 2581

Helios, Orb Union

"...Vera?" Idun gently opened the door to her sister's room, peeking inside.

Her red-haired sibling sat quietly on her bed, not responding for a moment before turning slightly to her. "Hey, Idun."

Bradford and Slade had both convinced them to seek Asylum on Helios, promising to vouch for them and keep them safe after the battle at the Temple. Vera hadn't left her bed the entire time they'd been here, too scared by the experience she'd had five days before. Realizing that her son had truly died.

"Are you okay?" Idun asked quietly, stepping through the doorway.

Vera took a deep breath, considering her answer, before shaking her head wordlessly. Her older sister moved closer, smoothing over the blankets at the en…

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Sgt Stacker117 Sgt Stacker117 4 May 2016

May the 4th be with you!

I missed saying happy Alien day too so have both

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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 1 May 2016

Training Center

I bet you'd like to see more butts!

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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 16 April 2016


August 5, 2576

Gryningen Tempel, Mandalore

Vera Arendal strode quietly through the Temple of Dawn, admiring the hallways, architecture, and sights from the windows as a temple guard matched her pace beside her. The sentinel held himself with a more professional air, while Vera seemed more relaxed. However, unlike her companion she had no helmet to hide that she was troubled.

"Not that I'm not happy to see you again." The sentinel spoke up, his voice changed just slightly by the helmet he wore. "Because I'm glad you're here. But you seem off."

"Yes, there's..." Vera sighed. "Some things have changed a bit since me and Idun last visited. And... if it's alright, I'd rather talk to you without the helmet. I want a face-to-face."

The Sentinel only p…

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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 30 March 2016

Civil War - Epilogue

January 3, 2579

X-COM Situation Room

Bradford sat resignedly in his seat, leaning forward on one elbow with the other arm in a sling. Around him in similar states of depressed silence were Dr. Vahlen and Qrow, relatively uninjured, but also Merrik and several other severely injured X-COM security that had suffered from Svea Ren's brutal Force attack.

"I can't believe we let this happen to our home." Bradford muttered, prompting Vahlen to set a hand on his shoulder.

"They moved too fast for us to stop them." She reminded him. "It was out of our hands."

"You did what you could to stop it, Brad." Qrow's tone denoted he felt guilty for not finding the research facility faster. "Maybe... maybe there's still something we can do, you know?"

"I doubt-" …

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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 30 March 2016

Civil War - Part Fourteen

X-COM Headquarters Laboratory, Mandalore

The two darksabers clashed roughly, giving off a high-pitched and ear-racking note as Vera and Kylo lunged at each other, the latter far more furious in his approach. Vera suffered from hesitance, despite the resolve she'd tried to steel herself in after all this time. Just like when they'd last fought, she feared what would happen if her attacks hit.

"Don't do this, Agdar." She begged, trying to push through the blade lock. "Don't cross a line you can't come back over."

"That line has been crossed for years, Arendal." Kylo replied unapologetically before shoving her back roughly.

Vera hurried to regain her footing. "If Cyrus could see you now."

"Perhaps if Cyrus hadn't decided to die in a pointless sacr…

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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 29 March 2016

Civil War - Part Thirteen

X-COM Red Team Skyranger

Vera felt significantly more relaxed once they had taken off, assuring herself that they could pull off this mission. Most of the people present were going to be scientists. They could easily take the guards out and take the data and scientists back to headquarters. Idun and Merrik looked similarly relaxed, though the three new operatives in front of them took a little longer to calm themselves and prepare mentally.

She decided just in case that she would call Blue Team just to make sure they were all set as well, a gesture of comfort if nothing else. But before she could open the channel, the co-pilot's voice blared through the bay.

"X-COM headquarters are under attack. We're abandoning the research site. ETA to HQ 2…

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Danno-048 Danno-048 29 March 2016


Hey guys, remember that Forerunner-Flood arc we tried last summer that didn't work out?

Who's interested in trying that again, but organized different so that it's not so big and complicated, just a simple series of rps involving no more than 3-4 users at a time? It can have more than that over all involved, just not all at once. That, and the classic version of the Flood with no enhanced powers, since available technologies owned by all the factions would make them dangerous enough.

There are already one or two users I spoke to privately who would be interested in trying it. We can take time to work out the potential details and set a start time for perhaps after the school year during the start of summer break.

Please put your thoughts on t…

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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 29 March 2016

Civil War - Part Twelve

December 25, 2578

X-COM Headquarters, Mandalore

A dozen X-COM operatives sat somberly in a semi-circle before a wall covered with pictures and memoirs. Next to it sat a wooden table draped in a Mandalorian banner, askew shot glasses and a combat knife laying on it. They'd been granted some time from practice and preparation for Jul, but they'd also set aside time to honor the dead. The memorial wall before them displayed pictures of missing operatives, civilian family, and Mandalorian soldiers.

None of them spoke, but some of them had their heads bowed in silent prayer. Vera only had her eyes glued to the one picture they had of Eklund, when he was a few years younger and with his dog. She could only think about if she'd done something wrong,…

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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 29 March 2016

Civil War - Part Eleven

December 23, 2578

X-COM Headquarters, Mandalore

"As our best team, you'll be at the front of our new operations." Bradford paced in front of Red Team urgently. "These will be going back-to-back, with Teams Blue, Black and Gold performing right after you have. Or in some cases simultaneous."

"The enemy might pick up on that." Vera pointed out. "If they see a Skyranger they'll know others will be spotted soon."

"Major Arendal, I assure you that whatever flaw you see with the plan, we've considered it ten times over." Bradford seemed impatient and stressed. "We're either working around them or we have to take that risk. Do you have any more questions before you leave?"

Red Team was silent, prompting Bradford to quickly salute them. "Then I'll be b…

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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 28 March 2016

Civil War - Part Ten

December 23, 2578

ADVENT Headquarters, Mandalore

"And you're sure?" Kylo asked.

"I'm positive." Svea Ren affirmed. "Their base is part underground and part built into a mountain. Both areas can launch and receive aircraft, but there aren't any exterior defenses. At least that I could see."

"Were you able to get any kind of information on the inside?"

"No, only the location of the base." Svea answered. "The dropships I saw launching match the ones we've seen performing all of these raids in our territory."

ADVENT's head General, Freja Westerdal, seemed to consider it. "That would be a risky attack. Even when we manage to blow the natural cover off and then the doors, it'll be hard for troops to gain a foothold."

"Even so, they only have so many so…

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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 27 March 2016

Civil War - Part Nine

December 19, 2578

ADVENT Territories, Mandalore

Qrow was roused from his sleep by the annoyingly loud alarm clock, missing the button several times and ending up hitting snooze before he resolved to leaning over the side of the bed and yanking out the plug entirely. Once that was taken care of, he laid back against the pillow and rubbed one of his eyes.

He'd been behind ADVENT lines for nearly 3 weeks now, and while he could certainly spot facilities and other targets for X-COM to hit, he hadn't been able to find anything to truly discredit the former. No nation was squeaky-clean, especially in a time of war, but Qrow's results had been so lackluster that he'd decided to focus on the military targets.

Just a few days ago, Qrow had started to f…

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Julia-B184 Julia-B184 25 March 2016

Civil War - Part Eight

October 20, 2577

Sundari, Mandalore

Kylo viciously brought his saber upon that of Vera's, the red and unstable blade meeting the steady black one yet again during their fight. Fed up after so many parried strikes, Kylo struck against Vera's defensive stance blow after blow, roaring in rage as he tried to force an opening. Vera could only sidestep and misdirect the last blow, stepping back several paces out of her opponent's rage. She tried to catch her breath, holding her saber with trembling hands.

"You tire, Arendal." Kylo either hadn't tired yet or refused to show it, his mask distorting his voice to a deep and unnatural tone. "Must you disappoint me so?"

It was true. Vera was growing weaker as the fight continued. When she'd fought before,…

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