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Bad Company is one of the most successful Private Military Contraction groups of all time. From doing petty killing for mercenary work to laying the foundation to one of galaxies most prevelant super factions. Bad Company was created back before the Covenant-Human War, they utilized modified colonial militia armor and acted as a private military group that would do work for worlds that most militaries or militias wouldn't do to either combat innsurectionists or take private hit contracts.

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Bad Company is comprised solely of Ex-Convicts working for a mysterious man whome even the ex-leader of Exon, Thel 'Chavam, claims to have never of met. After a keen selection process of the criminals a small toxin injector is placed in the spine to ensure loyalty to the Company.
Aliens Colonial Marines - Contact Trailer

Aliens Colonial Marines - Contact Trailer

A quick look at a bug hunt complete with all of the BC's weapons

Bad Company is on of the few fighting forces in the galaxy that activley fights xenomorphs and arachnids, going on the famed "Bug Hunts" that ensure an extremely low survival rate but manages to save critical objects and people in the process.


To this day Bad Company boasts more raw firepower power per squad then the UEG's Army Platoon.

Pulse Rifle - The mainstay of Bad Company as well as the current Exon Red Army, known to have several different variant types, all of them being extremely powerful at close to midrange and almost unparalleled in damage to almost any type of target thanks to its firerate and ammunition.

Smart Gun - A master peice of engineering (Although be it extremely expensive) that makes a compact high firerate heavy machine gun in a light machine gun platformed paired with a high fire rate, HE ammunition, and an automatic targetting system with a harness that allows for a computerized aim assist system.

M4RA Battle Rifle - wip

Famous Ex-MembersEdit

Sukhoi Moskvin

Thel 'Chavam

Dwayne Hicks

Barret Wallace