Unlike most Demigod who use normal marines. Arcas trained his own group of marines to be as stealthy as he is. He hand picked each of them for there courage and skill. The group consists of only 5 marines there used to be 6 but he died since that day Arcas swore that would be the last one. All of the marines go by codenames, this is to keep their identity safe.

While on a mission in UNSC space the team were ambushed by an elite group of spartans , The team was massacred and now there leader Arcas has gone MIA and it is unkown if he is alive or not.




Wolf is second in command and was the first to be trained. He used to be a normal marine in the UCR he then was picked by Arcas and is now one of the best. He is the most loyal to Arcas. He is serious and doesn't approve of the others joking.



Hawk eye

He once was in a mercenary group with his brother Blitz until they were found by Arcas. He is a expert shot and rarely misses and he is the 2nd best sniper in the group the 1st being Arcas.

Blitz Edit



He used to be in a Mercenary group with his younger brother Hawk-Eye until they were found by Arcas. He is a expert with explosives and once rigged an entire space station to explode. He is also a great boxer.




He used to be a assassin for hire until being fatally shot in the throat while in the hospital Arcas found him and recruited him. Ghost uses a cloaking device to sneak up and spy on enemies he also never uses guns only swords because he thinks gun are to loud. Since being shot Ghost is unable to speak and is the most mysterious of the group.




She used to be a master thief until she was ratted out by her employer while in prison Arcas visited and said he would pay her bail if she joined his team she accepted and has been a great asset to the team. Even though she is the only girl she fits in well with the group and is considered one of the lads.