The "Anti Universe" also know as "The Negative Zone" is the polar opposite of the prime universe where all good characters are evil and all evil are good.

Known InhabitantsEdit

  • Anti Alien-king: He is what Alien-king would be if he never broke out of the lab he was worked on. He is much stronger much angrier and more twisted than anyone would think. If given the chance he would kill all his Anti-verse "friends" but however is now kept as a ravenous pet and its released in tight situations.
  • Anti Blair: Has similar powers to her prime counterpart but is seductive and manipulative and wears white while the prime Blair wears black and has green eyes instead of yellow. She recently has taken over the Anti Verse after Anti Ninja's imprisonment. In fact, she somehow set up everything so that he would be sent away so she would be able to rule herself. However she was also defeated and killed by prime universe blair
  • Anti Evo: The nice version of Evo.
  • Anti Grif: Surprisingly similar to the regular Grif, aside from actually being lucky instead of having Grif's massive bad luck. Due to Grif being more focused on himself rather than good or evil, Anti-Grif is also self-centered, but not good or evil.
  • Anti Jayce: Using his Incredible durability, Anti Jayce took over the Anti-Earth and made it his, possessing a sadistic and manipulative personality. However, his rule was ended when he was defeated and imprisoned in a Multi-Verse Jail.
  • Anti Marquis: Same as Calamity only with out the ancient markings.
  • Anti Vile: Very scared and very conniving, he will use any dirty moves and tricks to move up ahead.